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February 28, 2006


Well I guess we know who you are supporting. Keep trying to keep that story alive. Let's see if you are consistent in the future with other candidates.

I used to think Jubal was a "journalist", but he has lost a great deal of credibility in my opinion with his one sided railing. This isn't journalism, this is propaganda.

Quitting HJTA

HJTA needs to explain itself. Protecting Proposition 13 is supposed to be its ONE and ONLY function. It has never endorsed a candidate who voted to lower the 2/3 protection.

Jubal's Right

Jubal's right about this one. There is no excuse for McGill's attempt to end-run Prop. 13 and no explanation for HJTA's endorsement.

Rex Ricks

It appears that each assembly candidate has some sort of tax weakness. I guess the thing to do is weigh out absolutely everything out there: PLA's, Pension Spikes, Assembly Bills, Wasteful Spending, etc.

Also don't forget projects that pose external costs to citizens. For example, beach pollution that reduces property values. How about projects that create excess traffic. When I and others are forced to sit in it because of overdevelopment, that is theft of our time. If I breathe dirty air, that is taxing my health. etc. etc.

Taxes and costs come in all kinds of forms, and not just from the government, but from private industry itself.

The best candidate is one who takes ALL costs into consideration and tries to protect us from as many as possible.


I used to think Jubal was a "journalist", but he has lost a great deal of credibility in my opinion with his one sided railing. This isn't journalism, this is propaganda.

Please point out the factual errors in this post.


Jubal has never presented himself as "journalist." He's a blogger. Think of him as the OC Republican/pro-growth/anti-choice version of Kos of DailyKos.

Like Kos, Jubal makes no secret of his political opinions or his close ties to various parts of the political establishment.

The closest thing to "journalists" around here are OC Register columnist Steve Greenhut and OC Weekly's Gustavo Arrellano.

Blog Watcher

Greenhut. Journalist. HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!!

That's a good one. A good laugh in the afternoon is just what I needed.

Art Pedroza

The fact that Jubal can somehow overlook Silva's awful record, while sniping at McGill all the time speaks for itself. Jubal has an agenda, and he does not hide it. Why he is pimping for Silva is beyond me. Silva does not deserve such friends.


Art, you're myopic about the PLA---you're a single issue guy---you probably agree with Silva 99% of the time but because of the PLA vote he is the antichrist. For many of us conservatives, we didn't like that vote but consider attempts to undercut Prop. 13 to be far worse. Add the eminent domain debacle McGill helped create and Silva looks better all the time.

But what is most ridiulous is the phony face saving excuse that Coupal is parading, that McGill didn't realize what he was voting on. That people in local government do this all the time without connecting the dots. OH PLEASE! Every local government staff gives their members supporting and background information on measures coming before them. It would be spelled out in black and white that this would make it easier to raise taxes. And if McGill is so conservative, why wouldn't he be able to figure this out himself? Is this going to be his routine if elected, "Gee, I didn't realize Fabian meant to slip a tax increase in this bill."

Art Pedroza

West OC,

Actually, there are a lot of Silva votes that I didn't like. Certainly his vote to augment the OC union employees' pensions to the point of bankrupting our county comes to mind. The guy is a union sell-out, plain and simple.


Sorry art, its unions you're myopic about, not just the sub-category of PLA's. For such a union sell out, Silva was for Prop. 75, which to unions was the biggest issue for them since Prop. 226.

Also funny that you've announced your support for Lou Correa(Lupe is just a dream my friend)against soon to be Senator Lyn Daucher. Lou opposed Prop 75 and supported most labor union bills when he was in the Assembly.

Tax Talk

Greenhut Nails It Again
From the Register's Blog (http://www.ocregister.com/blog/commentary/), emphasis ours:

Jim Silva: enemy of the taxpayer

Orange County Supervisor Jim Silva, a self-styled conservative who never seems to vote in a conservative way, cast his vote as a member of the Orange County Sanitation District Board of Directors in favor of a massive fee increase last night. The vote received only the slimmest two-thirds majority, which means that had Silva voted correctly, he could have saved OC ratepayers/taxpayers a bunch of dough.

On the county board, Silva in the past voted for a pension spike for public employees, for building the CenterLine light-rail boondoggle, for granting unions a Project Labor Agreement, and on and on. But he justified himself as a conservative because he does not vote for direct tax increases. That's not much of a standard, especially since he votes for spending plans that make tax increases more likely. But now that he has voted for an increase, what will he say? Actually, I can probably guess: It was a rate increase not a tax increases. Too bad his only opponent in the race for Assembly is Diane Harman, who is reportedly even more liberal than her Republican In Name Only husband, Tom. In the Assembly recently, Tom proposed ACA 13, which would expand the ability of special districts to pass the kind of increases Silva just voted for. Can't we do better than this in Orange County?


This morning's Capitol Morning Report shows another hard hitting Silva Bullet. Why hasn't there been a post reprinting the latest silva bullet from anyone in the blogpen? Should OC YAF be taking out flashy banner ads for its stuff to be published?

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