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February 28, 2006



wow!......harkey doesn't pull any punches....she's got some serious nads!

Silence Dogood

The Harkey campaign echoes my comment to today's Roundup:

"Harman's newly found interest in the illegal immigration issue is laughable. It's way too little, way too late. Lucky for him, and kudos to Jen Jacobs, that they were able to get the Daily Pilot to run a story on it. That ought to be good for at least one mailer."

Allan Bartlett

Harmon has zero credibility on illegal immigration and he can't buy it by introducing some last minute legislation that will never see the light of day in the dem controlled legislature. You should have thought of this Tom when you were voting to give tuition benefits away to illegals. In fact I'm surprised ole' one bill Gil hasn't offered up his endorsement of you because of your generosity to illegals, but not legit out of state students who must pay the full tuition for out of state residents. I guess while you're at it, you could try to say you were a bonafide Minuteman as well. Alas though your campaign is quickly fading into the HB sunset.

Powder Blue Report


Well, Jimmy Camp, the punctuation on this one is much, much better. But seriously, lay, off the, extra commas.




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