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February 27, 2006


Art Pedroza

We need to get behind Lupe Moreno now. We can't let Ackerman get away with this. See my post at http://o-juice.blogspot.com/ for more information.

Kudos to the Flash Report and Greenhut for breaking the story...

Dwight Robinson

I agree that we can't let Daucher win the primary. She won't win the general election anyway.

I don't know Lupe but if she will be a strong candidate, we should all get behind her. If not, maybe Janet Nguyen or Jim R. should consider moving over to the Senate race.

Hiting the panic button

What a disturbing development. Maybe it is time for Gilchrist to return to the game.


Please- Enough about the Blog as a revolution. Big deal that bloggers broke the news the night before. Would my life have been better or even impacted if I went to bed knowing that Tran dropped out instead of knowing this morning? No

Can anyone really say there life is better because of 24hr news or the internet? And those that say yes I'd be curious how you measure your quality life to come to that conclusion.

Where is my flying car, my teleporter, my robot?


Righeimer should move to the Senate Race and Nguyen should run against Loretta Sanchez.

As much as I'd like to see Lupe bring Illegal Immigration as an issue to this race, the prospect of RINO Lyn Daucher mixing it up with the MORE Conservative Correa is like being made to eat cauliflower. Greenhut posted an excellent piece on this at Orange Punch after his Tran news last night.

agent orange

Draft Riggie for Congress. He is the candidate we need against Sanchez!

Art Pedroza

I would welcome Righeimer or Nguyen into the race for the 34th, but in the meantime we need to support Lupe Moreno. If no one else jumps in, she needs to be ready to go. I will not concede this primary to Daucher, nor should any of you.

Blog Watcher

I bet this means we won't be hearing about any carpetbaggers.

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