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February 28, 2006



Does anyone know when this survey was taken. Was it before Harkey started hammering old Tom?


Nonsense...nobody in Balboa has ever heard of Harman. He has zero name ID compared to Harkey who sends me mail every 5th day.

Allan Bartlett

Thank you for the kind words Silence. The phrasing of the questions would also explain the results. All I did was post my experience with the pollster. I wasn't out to create news for all my critics out there. Maybe Duane Dichiara could release the actual transcript of the questions to further validate my post. Incredible.

Powder Blue Report


Does anyone know when this survey was taken.>Posted by: Date?
As stated in the post: This survey ... was taken on February 19-20

Mark Brainard

I am a self-described Bartlett Hater but I wouldn't question his integrity. I am sure he was polled. I just find him highly annoying.


Why is it, when I look at the Harkey campaign, I think of the Japanese fleet on the way to Midway?

Phil Paule

You know Mr. Brainard- I agree that Bartlett can be somewhat annoying, but I do give him credit for sticking to his principles. And just like me, he has a lovely wife.


"Nonsense...nobody in Balboa has ever heard of Harman. He has zero name ID compared to Harkey"

Nonsense...nobody in HB has ever heard of Harkey. She has zero name ID compared to Harman who has been a favorite member of the assembly

Dave Swanson

I have talked to several of my relatives in HB Hanna, and they all recieved literature from Harkey, and one of them actually talked to one of her volunteers a few weeks ago during a precinct walk. There's still 6 weeks left in this campaign, and I have yet to even hear a word from Harman in my mailbox, or at my doorstep...


i hope this poll will serve as a humble reminder to all you bloggers.....NOBODY THAT VOTES ACTUALLY READS THIS STUFF....espically on OC "Harkey" Blog

". This survey could be entirely useless if a disproportionate number of respondents came from Huntington Beach,"

....well of couse the poll will have a lot of Huntington Beach people.....thats where most of the people live in this district. It is the largest city in SD 35 by far!

Johnny Slash

Hanna: "Harman who has been a favorite member of the assembly."

Note: Harman is the only member of the assembly from Huntington Beach.

Everyone knows he's just a seat warmer for six years.

Rex Ricks

Did anyone see the cover of today's Register about Republican's switching registration for would be Democrats? It appears that whoever was involved was simply concerned about the quantity of Republican as opposed to having members who are ideoligically pure.

Now that there are some "Republicans" who have Democrat leanings that will now be able to vote in a Republican party. this could really throw things for a loop.

Jerry Amante

Folks...This race will be determined at the polls not by a poll. He who drives their base and supporters to vote absentee or in personam will be Senator. Don't start counting till 8:00 p.m. on April 11. As for me and mine, we support, are working for, and believe Diane will win this race.

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