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February 16, 2006


Beach Dude

This is an excellent endorsement for the Righeimer Team! There's not that many partisan elected officials left in the OC that Janet can court.

There are a couple: Lynn Daucher and Tom Harman are examples.

Let's Keep OC To The Right

Issa has smart people working for him, like his COS Dale Neugebauer in DC, who really know Orange County politics. Neugebauer is a hard right movement consertative who has much histoy with the young OC wingers of the late 1980's such as Righeimer, Fleischman, Cunningham, Ury, Whitaker, Flint and a host of others who are now on the verge of running the show.


I guess those who have had "issues" have to stick together.


Yes u just named everyone who runs the OCBLOG and who picks and choses their stories... Of course they will stick together....How long before this post gets deleted.


Did he cry?


Gee, that was original.

i thought the commie was pretty funny. It got a breif chuckle out of me.

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