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February 28, 2006


Blog Watcher

Anon. You're not an investigator or a detective or whatever you call those types of folks. Are you?

Cause if you are, I have genuine fear for the citizens of OC. Fortunately, I am beginning to realize just how lucky I am to live in a city with its own PD.

anon ii

And we thank the good lord you are there, too, BW! (And for the rest of the libs I really didn't think it was the same person!). I think perhaps BW's shorts are scrunched up a little too tightly for him to enjoy much of life.

Shame on CRA

Shame on the small group of CRA members present for allowing themselves to be compromised by the backroom tactics of Mike Schroeder and Jon Fleischman. I for one am outraged at Carona being "endorsed" and will make quite a stink about this weekend at convention.

Just what do we stand for???

One nation under God?

Get the Facts

I think Susan Schroeder should be flown up to Bakersfield this weekend to launch an investigation of the CRA and the undue influence of Mike Schroeder and Jon Fleischman on the endorsement process.

Disgusted CRA Unit President

What the CRA believes (excerpts taken directly from our preamble):

"JUDEO-CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION: We believe in the guiding force of moral law..."

What is moral about Mike Carona's thirst for other women outside of his marriage? It is well known that he is a serial adulterer.

"SELF-GOVERNMENT: We believe that the only answer to the current moral decline that our nation now faces is a return to the beliefs and standards of morality which our founding fathers placed into the Constitution...We understand that the concept of self-government begins with governing one's self first, then family, community, state and nation."

If the CRA is so concerned about moral decline, why would we support the scandalous tenure of Mike Carona? Doesn't being moral include holding others accountable for their actions? Doesn't being moral include holding high standards for elected officials or those seeking office? Doesn't being moral mean having the courage to put forth the best men and women for public office rather than allowing a small elite group tell us who's going to run?

"TERM LIMITATION: We believe that public service is a privilege. We support term limits for public officials, not as an ideal but as a necessity to dissuade career politicians. It is the people who should rule, not an elite with little accountability."

Mike Carona promised two terms. He's breaking his word and O.C. CRA is not only a willing accomplice, but apparently here in O.C., CRA doesn’t care if we go against our own creed as well.

The last sentence of the Term Limitation paragraph says it all, "It is the people who should rule, not an elite with little accountability."

I am thoroughly disgusted. This endorsement must not stand. None of us were told that this was going to take place during the last meeting and a lot of us were not there.

Disgusted Too

Is there a politician in Orange County with longer strings attached than Mike Carona? Their dirt is not even hidden. His team wears it like a badge of courage.

Scott V for CRA President

Dear Disgusted CRA Unit President

You miss one meeting and the whole organization goes to hell


Why doesn't someone post the call of the meeting to the site. I have a strong feeling that it will not say what Tim says it said.


Blog Watcher

And we thank the good lord you are there, too, BW!

Hey Anon. Why do my neighbors in local PD's call sheriff types glorified babysitters.

Here's an interesting question. How many folks leave local PD's to go work for the OCSD vs the other way around?

Blog Watcher

We know of his ten point plan that was his platform in 1998. Carona hasn't kept one of those points. Yet the CRA endorses someone who breaks all the promises an elected makes to the voters. I guess someone needs to break 11 promises for the CRA to reconsider its endorsement.

Green Machine

Hey BW,

It appears that it still chaps your hide that the "glorified babysitters" beat out your greedy fire fighters in the measure D fight.

As for how many deputies transfer out of OCSD to other PD's, who cares? There are many reasons why they do so...but there are also many that transfer into OCSD. Either way, your point is useless.

anon ii

BW, BW, BW...such an angry little guy, not disguised at all by your rapier-like wit...is that just what propels libs, anger at being on the wrong side ALL the time? Try having a glass of warm milk tonight before putting your head on your John Kerry pillow.

CRA Member

Last I checked, Schroeder and Fleischman are both PAST State Presidents of the CRA, going back into ancient history.

I was at the meeting, and it was run by CRA Vice President Scott Voights. To be honest, I didn't see Schroeder or Fleischman working the room, or even talking to Voights or the evening's presiding officer, Frank Ury.

You have to look to the current elected leadership of the organization for answers. Has anyone talk to Voights with their concerns?

Angry CRA member

The endorsement for Mike Carona never should have taken place. We were going to take care of all other endorsements in a meeting later this month. A lot of us were not paying close attention when the list of names was read off, because we were there to vote for specific seats. The Sheriff's race was not one of them.

As soon as the vote was taken with Mike Carona's name slid into the list, Mike Schoreder and his wife, who were sitting in front, promptly got up and left. Jon Fleishman was watching the room like a hawk during the vote. Nothing like a litter fear and intimidation to get the job done, I’m sure Schroeder and Fleischman are proud of themselves..

Apparently, cowardly men who willingly compromise the organization’s reputation, in order to garner favor with a corrupt, powerful politician, lead the CRA. What a sad, sad day. This is wrong and must be overturned. Sheriff Carona has done absolutely nothing for the CRA except conduct himself contrary to what we say we believe in.

#1. Pay more attention next time.
#2. If that intimidating monster Fleischman scares you, better stay in bed in your jammies all day.

Blog Watcher

As for how many deputies transfer out of OCSD to other PD's, who cares? There are many reasons why they do so...but there are also many that transfer into OCSD. Either way, your point is useless.

You two are quite comical. Still relishing your sole victory last November. Are both of you going to try and revise history like Sarge? I notice he ran like a scalded dog when it came time to defend his statements about the firefighters. As far as "greed" is concerned. Can either of you tell me how the public safety of OC is enhanced by using Prop 172 dollars to fund a beer bash in the upcoming Baker to Vegas Race? Give the piety a rest.

As far as one group leaving for another. The point is relevant for one big reason. People leave an institution for a lot of reasons. Chief amongst those is the caliber of folks they are leaving behind. It might be why most of the police chiefs in OC have never worked for the OCSD.

Real intelligent response.

"Real intelligent response" was directed towards the 10:13 AM posting.

Blog Watcher

Anon and GM. Thank you for reminding us how Measure D was about firefighter greed. I think all of us taxpayers will be glad to know that OCSD personnel won't be asking for any more pay or benefit increases to their already six digit figure.

Right? After all. Your primary interest from now on is protecting the public and not fattening your wallet at our expense.

As if you care about that BW. You were more than willing to give more money to an already well funded firefighting agency.

your high moral tone on behalf of tax payers is disengenuous and your sour grapes whining is oh so translparent.

Blog Watcher

Uhhh. Excuse Mr. Anonymous. I'm not the one making a claim about greed. I leave that to the folks who should understand the concept of proving their case, which they can not.

I supported Measure D for the same reason I supported Prop 172 as it was advertised. That monies would be used to fund firefighters across the state. And that has not happened.

The only ones who are transparent are the ones who made outrageous claims of doom and gloom. And that was the No side of the campaign.

I would like you (whoever you may be) to commit to not wanting any more increases in pay or benefits since you claimed during the campaign that was the reason to vote against the issue.

Get over it BW You lost! The topic is about the CRA endorsement

Jeff Flint


Agreed, the topic is about the CRA endorsement, which Bill Hunt lost!



I just have to ask one question..just one:

If Fleischman & Schroeder were so slick they pulled this off using their Genius IQs, rapier wits and brilliant political minds how is it that thier Boss keeps getting Indicted/Implicated/Investigated by EVERY GOV'T AGENCY IN OC??? FBI,FAA,DHS,etc. etc. If they are that Great, how is it thier Boss takes a round right between the eyes at least once a month, month in month out...
If Mike Carona makes it til Election Day, he deserves to win!!! Any man who has the Guts to sit idly by while he is fileted in the Press and then bent over while in the Federal and Criminal Courts SO MANY TIMES, HAS MY VOTE!!!


Guys- my point is I think you are giving Fleischman TOOOO MUCH CREDIT. Face it, John has never been the sharpest tool in the shed anyways...you are all overthinkning the wheel. If CRA wants to pull their endorsement, THAT is an appropriate gesture worth 10x more than their simple endoresment.

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