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February 28, 2006


Gunny Highway

Hey don't be fooled, we Marines use more then one battle tactic....annonymous is the battle tactic we in Recon prefer...anon is sometimes the best way to accomplish the task...Right Timmy..."Fix Bayonets."

Gunny Highway

Hey Timmy...I forgot one last thing....

Stop whinning and start fighting....

"Adapt overcome and improvise."

anon iii

Fellow Marine -

You're right, I don't have balls.

anon ii is Capt. Christine Murray or one of Carona's other specially appointed lesbian handlers!

It all makes sense now, no wonder her remarks are so bitter...

Blog Watcher

At least Tim isn't in trying to revise history like the Carona sycophant Sarge. He needs to have his memory checked.

It will be interesting to see who gets the AOCDS nod for sheriff. The person of questionable moral character with all the money or one of the other two whose backgrounds seem a bit less challenged but with fewer resources.

We truly get the elected officials we deserve.

anon ii

You best invest in some glasses, chum. You've mixed up tha original and anon iii in EVERY comment.

anon ii, my bad...

anon iii is Capt. Christine Murray or one of Carona's other specially appointed lesbian handlers!

It all makes sense now, no wonder her remarks are so bitter...

CRA is meeting in Bakersfield right now. Hopefully, they do the right thing and rescind the "endorsement" of the ethically challenged Sheriff Carona. It's time this man and his embarrassing handlers, find new jobs.

Shame on CRA leaders for letting this one slip through the cracks. Hope you were paid well for the sin you committed.

Carona Republican Assembly

For immediate release -

CRA has petitioned to officially change its name from "California Republican Assembly", to "Carona Republican Assembly".

Effective immediately, the by-laws and creed have also been done away with, anything goes.

The new "CRA" just endorsed Duke Cunningham for re-election and just passed a resolution that declares "Hilary Rodham Clinton, really isn't all that bad."

Upon hearing the news, Bill Clinton called Mike Carona personally to thank him, stating "Mike, thanks to you, I look like a choir boy in comparison, you da man!"



Martin doesn't have an O.C. rep - but he is a legitimate candidate

Claudio Gallegos, my co-blogger, and I were supposed to meet with Commander Ralph Martin of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department on Friday - but Claudio got hung up so I joined Martin and his amicable campaign manager, Dennis Werner, for a cup of coffee. I did not know much about Martin going into our meeting, but he turned out to be quite interesting.

Martin has almost as many years of experience as I have had on this earth. He manages a vast area that stretches from Lawndale, through the mean streets of Compton, and all the way to Catalina Island. I forget how many deputies work for him, but suffice to say that he manages a huge budget and thousands of employees. Clearly, he is a qualified candidate for the Sheriff's office.

The problem Martin faces is that while he has lived in the O.C. for about ten years, in Coto de Caza, he works in L.A. His endorsements reflect that. He counts Republican L.A. Supervisor Mike Antonovich and Steven Cooley amongst his supporters. In fact his political consultant worked for Cooley, helping him get elected as District Attorney in Los Angeles County.

Martin has been a lifelong Republican, which makes sense given his occupation, but his family is predominantly Democrat. His mom came from Minnesota and his dad is from Boston, which are of course two areas that have been dominated by Democrats for years.

Martin acknoweledged that he will have to cultivate support from county Democrats in order to prevail in the primary. His campaign manager previously worked for Loretta Sanchez, and Maritn also has many personal friends who are Democrats. He does worry that area Republicans might not like that he is going after Democrat voters, but I pointed out the fact that Hunt has been doing that, and Carona once hosted a fundraiser for former California Governor Gray Davis.

Martin was very direct about his intention of running a clean campaign. He doesn't want to get mixed up in the ongoing skirmish between incumbent Sheriff Mike Carona and Lt. Bill Hunt, the Police Chief of San Clemente. The acrimony between the Carona and Hunt camps runs deep, and no one seems to speak ill of Martin.

However, insiders know that Carona is fretting about Martin. The latter has had quite a bit of success raising money, which is a miracle given that so much of the O.C. GOP establishment has been bought off or otherwise snookered by Carona. Martin also has more direct experience than Carona.

Martin had nothing bad to say about Hunt. They met about two years ago, and Martin's only sentiment about Hunt is that were he in Martin's organization he would be about two or three layers down from Martin. That might be the case, but Hunt appears to be in position to seriously contend for the O.C. A.D.S. endorsement. I asked Martin if he felt he had a shot too.

Predictably, he did feel that he was in the running for the valuable endorsement of the O.C. deputy sheriffs. He intimated that he almost got the O.C.E.A. endorsement, but of coure Carona got it instead.

As our conversation drew to a close, Martin said something very provocative. He feels that many of Carona's supporters are nervous, given the fact that Carona is facing so many charges and allegations. And according to Martin, there are even more to come. Martin is not going to bring any of that up in his campaign, preferring insted to run on his own credentials. "I can run this department," said Martin about the O.C. Sheriff's office. I think he can - but he has a long road ahead.

I should mention that I have not yet had the opportunity to meet with Lt. Hunt. I hope to do so soon. He, like Martin, appears eminently qualified, but both face long odds against Carona. Hunt however has a head-start, and he has ground troops and local endorsements in place. I hope that one of them can indeed prevail against Carona, and God willing they won't just knock each other out.

You can find out more about Martin at www.ralphmartinforocsheriff.org.

# posted by Art Pedroza @ 12:29 PM 1 comments

$12,536.60 Reasons Why

Lil Timmy W,

Will you please explain to us how your candidate is going to win with only $12,536.60? We deserve an answer and so do all the sheriff department employees that already gave money and will be unethically pressured to give more. Could you also provide us with how much cash on hand Hunt presently has as well as how many more fundraisers he is going to have?

Or is the plan to have the AOCDS PAC bankroll Hunt's dismal campaign? Since you are Mr. Anti-Union and pro Proposition 75 I'm sure your advice to Hunt will be to get each AOCDS Members permission before their money goes to your candidate. You are a hypocrite! OOH RAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carona Must Go

To,12,000 Excuses.

You are truly an idiot. Each and every day you have touted the same mantra. Money,money, money. This campaign is about so much more than money. It is about honesty, integrity, accountability, respectibility, ect ect. None of which Carona has.

As someone said ealier, Carona cannot and will not be able to BUY votes. The men and women of the Orange County Sheriff's Dept. have pride. Their pride is not and never will be for sale. Keep screaming how Carona has more money. We don't care, we can look at ourselves at night in the mirror without guilt. We will not stop until Carona is defeated...and people like you will be silenced.

Richard Cranium, 12,536:

Prop 75 "Paycheck Protection" was not "anti-union" it was "pro-worker". It gave the worker ultimate say over what happens with his/her paycheck. No well-run union with good leaders would ever have to fear Prop. 75 since the leaders would be responsive to the workers, and in turn, the workers would gladly give permission for their dues to be used on behalf of the union. That's the way a union is supposed to work.

By the way, you want to talk about a LYING "hypocrite" ??? Carona was staunchly against Prop. 75. He even sent a letter to AOCDS on July 12,2005 telling them to vote against it. Yet, his people LIED to CRA and told them that he supported Prop 75 in order to gain their endorsement. Mike Carona did absoulutely NOTHING for Prop. 75.

To the contrary, Lt. Bill Hunt staunchly supported Prop 75, he even put a banner on his website. CRA staunchly supported Prop.75 as well.

You tell me, Richard, who's the hypocrite - Lt. Bill Hunt, who supported the same thing as CRA, yet was not even notifed by CRA of any endorsing meeting, or Sheriff Mike Carona, who opposed Prop. 75, yet LIED to CRA in order to gain their endorsement - and got it!!!???

You neither know what honor and integrity is, nor do you have any. Just because Carona has more money than Lt. Bill Hunt, that doesn't make him the better candidate; that just makes him the candidate with more money.

I support integrity over money and I think a lot of other voters do as well.

It's time to restore integrity and trust to the Sheriff's Department.


Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Truth Seeker

Thanks Tim, well said.

12,000 Excuses, we know money gets people elected. We know Hunt's money does not come close to Carona's. What do you expect us to do, abandon him?

We understand political realities but you don't understand what we are about and what Hunt represents. Bill's support runs deep. Carona's base is a wider one but also a shallow one.

You said if Carona were truly in trouble he wouldn't be able to raise the money. Know this;

- Carona is in trouble.
- Hunt is in this to the end.

What that means will be evident come June.

Carona is an elected government official. He has used his position of authority to intimidate his own people. It has worked. Some people are afraid of him and his office.

People should not be afraid of their government, not in this country. Carona has hindered the purpose and moral compass of this department. Some have been lulled into complacency but some have had the courage to stand up. Bill Hunt has done this publicly and at his own risk.

We do not have Carona's money. What we do have is influence. You know that 12,000 Excuses. If you believed what you've been saying you would not be blogging on all these sites? You know that influence can have as much impact as authority.

Carona Must Go

The sad thing mind you is that there are grown men, allegedly cops no less, that are intimidated by Carona and his henchmen. It makes me sick to have to work with these pathetic individuals on a daily basis. I have no idea how they can look at themselves in the mirror each day. If each and everyone one of them would stand up, act like a man, and tell the public what they know about Carona, the citizens of OC would be much better off. Strength in numbers.


Dear Carona Must Go,

Your demonstrated naivete is nothing less that astonishing. Never forget this ol' omniscient one: MONEY, MONEY, MONEY WINS ELCETIONS!!! Got it??? Without it, you might as well keep smokin' whatever it is you're smoking because winning is nothing more than a pipe dream!

Carona WILL be able to buy votes, and "buy" the looks of things, he'll be able to buy more than enough to be elected. Now he might not be able to buy the votes of half of Station 18 (you included), but do you really thinks he cares???

The ironry here, tiger, is that come election day it'll be you who is silenced because you failed to grasp the reality of winning elections.

Sport, if Hunt doesn't come into some serious coin soon, about all he will do is damage to those who truly have as their objective the unseating of Carona. In other words, not only will he lose, but he'll also ensure Martin's defeat as well.

You had better choose wisely!

Dear Truth Seeker,

Brad Gates' managed by itimidation. He had his primary henchman who probably rivaled Jaramillo! Management by intimidation is not a nascent management strategy in law enforcement!

Truth Seeker


I know well what you mean. Felt it myself and agree with your point. My belief is that Hunt will not follow in those footsteps. I know some don't believe that can't happen in this political arena. We also know Bill can scare some people simply by the way he moves forward with determination. Worthy of note is that the determination he has is led by principles, not self serving goals. He also is very receptive to new ideas even if they include changing his direction.

If the day comes that Bill Hunt, as Sheriff, addresses an ACLEMs meeting, or any meeting of his department, he will step off the stage, sit down and insist on input. Refreshing change from a leader who invites himself to our off duty, off site, meeting, announces on a flyer the topics to discuss and when asked about those topics responds with "Stand Down Lieutenant," followed by storming out upset.

Code Zulu, we get your point too but Bill Hunt supporters don’t jump ship when there is a bump in the road, regardless of how big. That kind of support is indicative of Bill Hunt himself. It is also indicative of what people can expect from him as Sheriff.

Carona supporters allegiance is determined by the latest political winds or polls. We will not abandon Bill or subordinate our values to the political process. This is ignorance and political suicide to you but there we are driven by different reasons and there is a strategy beyond what is evident. By your logic if Bill had a million dollars and Carona $12,000, you would be in the Hunt camp. You, like other fair weather people have been, would be told thanks but no thanks.

Much to see in the next 90 days.

Carona Must Go

Code Zulu,

Darling, now we are aware who your horse is in the race, that being Martin. I could tell by your writings you had the intelligence to stay away from the morally and ethically challenged Carona.

Honey, you ask if Carona cares if he is able to "buy" votes from OCSD. Of course he doesn't care. And I don't care that he doesn't care.

Sweetie, you say after election day I will be silenced. That's the beauty of it, regardless of who wins I will never be silenced. I am not looking to be promoted, transferred, company car, anything.

Baby, what I want is to have integrity restored at the Sheriff's Dept. Carona gave it away, sold it and flat out lost it. Hunt will return it.

I have chosen wisely! Thank you for your concern. Have a nice day sweet cheeks.


Truth Seeker- If Hunt was one of the most outspoken critics of Carona when he first ran; thennnn, suddenly became Carona's biggest fan so he could get his promotion to Lt.; thennnnn, decided Carona was the enemy again...does he just have trouble making a decision, does he have adjustable principles, or, more realistically, does he just say/do the right thing to get himself ahead (ala Kerry)?

12,000 Excuses,

You OK Tiger? Man she can hit between the eyes. Good luck...."Sport."


Dear Carona Must Go,

Sure you'll be silenced: you might not be astute enough now to realize it; most assuredly you're swimming in the delusion of assumptive bliss. But as sure as my cheeks are sweet, Carona will either silence you or you'll find another place in which to practice unabashed bliss.

However, tough gal, in the event I might be wrong, I will amend my naivete by your demonstrated ferriferous adherence to principle. So tomorrow walk you're sweet ass up to Carona's office and tell you will not be silenced. Tell him of your iron will. Tell him he's unprincipled and must go. If you ani't got the "juveos" to do this, tell you supervisor. S/he'll get your displeasure to the right people!

I hear Disneyland is hiring. I am sure you're gonna make one hell of a new Tinkerbell. Or better yet, why don't you manage all of Fantasyland???


Truth Seeker,

How do you know I am not in Hunt camp now?

Regardless of whom my preferred candiate might be (I actually have none), I am not so naive to assume one w/o money can win. This is basic electioneering 101. If you ain't got money, one can assume you ain't got support. If you got the support you dream of, where is the money to evidence it???

This is not new to Station 18. It happened to Lauren Rusk, resembling the machinations now underway in Station 18. In the end, it mattered not what deputies wanted, it mattered how much money Brad Gates had, and how many votes he was able to "buy" with it. Linda Calligan ran for 1800. While she did not sling mud (I am sure she knew what Gates would do to her if she lost), she was not even close to unseating Gates.

You gotta get realistic here. I admire your tenacity born of loyalty. However, I am not sure you have a clearly delineated objective, which will assuredly result in four more years of that you now rail against! I have gotten the distinct impression that Hunt wants to be sheriff more than he wants Carona unseated. Is this your objective as well, Hunt at all costs? If so, I do believe the costs will be exorbitantly steep and unpleasant!

Let's assume for a minute that you can get 70% of Station 18 to support Hunt. How in God's name can you extrapolate that to 50% plus 1 voters in OC? How are you gonna reach THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND OR MORE VOTERS TO THE POINT THEY REMEMBER HUNT'S NAME?

People learn name recognition via repetition. Research indicates a person will have to be exposed to a name at least seven times before cognition occurs. Weeks before an election you must saturate Hunt's name with hundreds of thousands of voters. This will require immense expenditures in media. How are you gonna do this w/o at least a half mil?

Truth Seeker


Regarding Hunt becoming one of Carona's biggest fans I can share first hand knowledge with you on that one.

As a side note you may remember Murray was also an anti Carona person. Even after Carona won the election she was adamant about keeping him in check. She was a Sgt. then. Soon she warmed up to Carona and is a Capt. now!

Back to your question. After the election I conceded that the county chose and Carona was our man. Hunt was reluctant to do so but was sought after by Carona and Jaramillo. They went after him. Hunt stood by his principles yet they knew they needed to "show" that they could work with the Hunts of the department. Frankly, they also liked much of what they saw he could do for their team - make them look good.

Bill never wavered from what he stood for. Much of what he did served them well. His chief was very pleased with his work, but not with some of what he bacame vocal about. Bill spoke what others, Chiefs included, knew in their hearts but felt they could not openly support. In time two of the same ones that were critical his opinions in public did in fact later support his views to a select few.

To answer your questions directly;

- No Hunt does not have trouble making a decision.
- No he does not adjust his principles.
- No he does not say or do the right thing to get ahead.

Am I mistaken? Were these Hunt or Carona questions?


No, they were definitely Kerry, whoops, I mean Hunt questions.

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