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February 28, 2006


Elliot N.

What do you know Tim W. is talking about notice, and proper protocol.

He states "IT IS WRONG" 3 times.

Let's compare.

IT IS WRONG that Bill Hunt attempted to broker a backroom deal with individual AOCDS Board of Directors for an early endorsement.

IT IS WRONG he sends a 10 deputy Sheriff's to an AOCDS BAORD MEETING with 309 pieces of paper claiming to be petitions demanding an early endorsement (they had zero petitons)

IT WAS WRONG that approximately five AOCDS Board MEMBERS attempted to HIJACK a meeting, by Shouting other members down, yelling insults and holdinng the meeting hostage to ONE ISSUE an ealry endorsement.

IT IS MANDATORY that AOCDS stick with it's long established practice of PAC interviews based on Salary-Benefits-Employee Rights-and Officer Safety.

Tim Whitacre


Nice attempt at deflection of the under-handed tactics of Team Carona at the CRA meeting specifically held for the purpose of endorsing in the 35th. There was NOTHING on the published agenda regarding County races. Now get back to work.

Green Machine:

I wouldn't consider the open endorsement of Lt. Bill Hunt by hundreds of Deputy Sheriffs, as "dividing" the OCSD. Sure you would because your ethically challenged boss is your mentor.

Also, my “condescending tones” are apparently resonating throughout the Central Committee, because many of them are fed up with Carona as well.

How about the fact that Team Carona had Adam Probolsky calling around the Central Committee a week before the February meeting, looking for enough members to suspend the rules in order to endorse Carona.

Even though the Committee established clear cut guidelines two months prior in an amendment to the by-laws pertaining to early endorsements of incumbents, Team Carona thought the rules didn’t apply to them. Well, much to Mr. Probolsky's dismay, he couldn't find enough members to suspend the rules, so Team Carona didn't even show up to the meeting.

However, their stunt upset so many members that we had many of them openly wearing Bill Hunt for Sheriff Lapel stickers at the meeting and the Cherry Pie reception - The days of backroom manipulation and domination of unsuspecting Central Committee Members are fast coming to an end!

I predict that Mike Carona will NOT receive the endorsement of the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee. I can't wait until he tries...

Mike Carona DID NOT fairly and openly obtain the endorsement of CRA. I don’t think
he can in a properly announced and agendized meeting.

It’s time to restore integrity and trust to the Sheriff’s Department.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Art Pedroza


Doesn't Fleischman have a history of manipulating the CRA to meet his own ends? I seem to recall that he engaged in such activities before going to work for the CRP. Thus this story is no surprise. It is however quite pathetic.

Jeff Flint


There is a fine line in the job of being a spokesman between staying on message and being pedantic about it. With all due respect, you are on the wrong side of the line.


I'm still undecided in this race but I don't think Sheriff Carona should have been included on the acclamation list on the CRA vote. Simply because the race is highly contested/controversial, it should have been voted on individually with candidate invitations to speak after completing questionnaire.
I am currently working to correct this (if possible).


"you are on the wrong side of the line"

Widely considered a compliment coming from Jeff Flint

Martini Republic

Little Timmy W -

Who was on the grassy knoll?

To Elliot N,

Nice post Steve.


You whine about Adam P. attempting to change the rules and force an early endorsement, but your candidate did exactly that same thing within the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs (AOCDS).

Your hypocrisy knows no ends.

Elliot N. you're a liar!

Phil Paule


Mike Schroeder and Jon Fleischman were not at the CRA meeting, those were clones developed by the Area 51 aliens (with the help of the CIA) to launch a take over of the world by Corona & Tony R. By the way, what brand of tin foil do you use when you make your head set to listen in to the signals from the planet Zeron ?

Tim Whitacre


First, please allow me to let everyone know the definition of "pedantic" from Webster's Dictionary. (I honestly had never heard of the word before. I guess I'm lacking in my formal education).

Pedantic: 1. A person who puts unnecessary stress on minor or trivial points of learning, displaying a scholarship lacking in judgment or sense of proportion. 2. A narrow-minded teacher who insists on exact adherence to a set of arbitrary rules. 3. A schoolmaster.

Wow! I thought I was just calling attention to the fact that Team Carona was unethical and unprincipled in that they slid Carona's name into a list of Republican State Officeholders at a CRA meeting specifically regarding the 35th S.D., in order for him to gain a tainted endorsement.

Carona wasn’t even present to ask for the endorsement nor did he submit a request in writing. Since when did CRA allow hired workers of incumbent politicians to do the bidding of the candidate?

Respectfully, Jeff, as a fellow Republican, what exactly is arbitrary about by-laws that govern organizations and the way they conduct business? And, when found to be outside said by-laws either by acts of commission or omission, what should the remedy be?

Sorry, Jeff, but you’re on the wrong side of the line if you don’t think it’s time to restore integrity and trust to the Sheriff’s Department.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

I think Tim Whitacre is right on.
It's pretty obvious, even to a Democrat, that Mike Carona did not fairly win an endorsement and should not be allowed to keep it. Isn't the Republican Party supposed to be more ethical? Yeah, right!!!

hmmm..is timmy posting anonymously now?

Art Pedroza

Make fun of Tim Whitacre if you like, but he helped rid Santa Ana of Nativo Lopez. And I have yet to see any of you explain why Carona endorsed Lopez not once but twice, in successive elections, against decent Latino Republican candidates for the Santa Ana School Board. Why do you think Whitacre began his effort to get rid of Carona? Why do you guys keep giving awful Republicans like Carona, Silva and Daucher free passes? You have made a mockery of the Republican Party of Orange County. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Call it lobbying, coercion or influence, there is an unethical theme running through Carona's department. He has denied career opportunities, department development and service to the county because of his personal feelings. An investigator requested by the homicide unit was denied because an Assistant Sheriff told Carona he supported Bill Hunt. The county loses. A qualified lieutenant was denied the process of applying for a city chief of police services assignment because he supports Bill Hunt. The Lt. was told he did not have enough time on as a Lt, yet another Lt was assigned a city upon promotion because, as he has demonstrated, he will do anything Carona wants. Again, the county loses. An outstanding Captain assigned to South Operations was force transferred because he supports Bill Hunt. He was replaced by a Carona puppet. Bill Hunt and another Lt, who supports him, were denied pay raises, the other Lt. was force transferred from the Reserve Division. A Captain without a high school education was promoted to Assistant Sheriff and is considered by all to be Carona's new Jaramillo. Even a retired Lt. was fired from teaching at the Academy, where he was a former Commander. He was told by the current Commander that he made personal attacks on the Sheriff's leadership. Now there is word that a memo came from a sergeant at the Courts that no deputy can discuss department policy with another Sheriff's employee.

How much more sabotage to his own department and the county can he get away with? Carona will either be indicted or on to something else when the Sheriff's department is cleaning up the fall-out, as we still are the mess Jaramillo left us, unless the county votes are based on principal and not how much money can be collected from people wanting and getting something in return.

That process will start with the AOCDS endorsement.

Jeff Flint


When I referred to you as pedantic, I was talking about your style as a spokesperson for your cause, not the CRA endorsement process. I wasn't there, so I can't speak to that.


Blog Watcher

Did anyone think the CRA was going to endorse someone other than Carona given the relationship between that group and Fleischman?

The other candidates never had a chance. And sadly, it says a lot about the CRA and its decision making process.

Martini Republic

Timmy's role in the recall of Nativo Nativo was self-serving -- he wanted to curry the attention of the mayor. The failed slate he patched together in '02 was disasterous and most recallites did not support his slate. The full vision of the recall fell short.

The recall effort allowed Timmy W to drive city streets in some damn tank allowing him to play wanna-be liberator of Santa Ana.

Newsflash to Art: nationwide the GOP has problems and they rest directly with the occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Iraq and the Port issue are driving his ratings downward. Republicans seeking office this year are using the Port issue to distance themselves from Bush2 and the Dems are ratching up the terror factor.

In our golden state Arnold should be given a Razzy for impersonating a Republican.

And you think we've made a mockery of the Republican Party in the OC?

Art, all Republicans should be ashamed. The problems of the GOP are systemic.

What a suprise! Oh my god! Politics are a dirty business! Who knew?

Whitacre fights hard and dirty, but he whines when the other side does the same thing (but better).


I'd be interested in reading what folks here think of Hunt in general, not necessarily as compared to Carona. He seems like a good guy and some great folks are endorsing him, but right now it seems like an "anybody but Carona" race. Let's imagine Carona isn't even in the picture. Why should we vote for Hunt? What about him will make him a good Sheriff?

anon ii

Art, Timmy, and BW- hmmmm, could they be the same person? Has anyone seen them in the same room together?? Is it just coincidence that they SOUND LIKE A BROKEN RECORD??????

I see Whitacre fighting hard (what do you expect from a Marine?) and the Sheriff Carona people fighting dirty. It's refreshing to have a man stand up for what's right in the face of a corrupt, powerful elected official.

In all the postings I read from Whitacre, mostly on Sheriff Carona, I find him to ask
very relevant questions and bring up information that I can verify or, it makes me think. It is very curious to me how the CRA went about its business regarding the Sheriff's endorsement. Knowing the players involved, I agree with Whitacre's assessment: this endorsement stinks!

Frustrated with Tim

Dear Tim,
As an early Bill Hunt supporter I am begging you to please distance yourself from Hunt and his campaign. About 9 months ago our campaign was really starting to gain traction and endorsements. We really felt like we had a chance to make OC political history and take out the Sheriff. We were raising money, we were doing very well at all the events Bill attended. This is around the time, Tim, you jumped on board the campaign big time. Probably sensing that you could jump on this winning bandwagon. Since then we have seen steady decline in Bill's public effectiveness. People aren't taking him as serious as they were and our fundraising has slowed dramatically! In short, we are losing ground to Ralph Martin. This is because you have become the face of the campaign instead of Bill and your abrassiveness is driving the sbustantial number of people who are in the "Anyone but Carona" camp away from Bill and our cause. I am not for "anyone but Carona" I am for Bill Hunt and am sickened that for the purposes of satisfying your ego, you have started to drive people to someone outside of our OC Sheriff's Dept. Tim, please, if you care about Hunt as much as you claim to, stand down and allow the campaign to get back on course before it is too late.

Go Tim go!

Sounds to me like "Frustrated with Tim" is just that because he is effectively exposing Mike Carona and his people to be the unethical group of thugs that they are.

You are no Hunt supporter. We appreciate and admire Tim's ability and willingness to slug it out with the big boys.

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