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February 27, 2006



One thing is for sure, Janet is going to have plenty of $$$ from Sacramento PACs to get her message out.

The Chamber will be absorbed in electing mod Dems in the primary. This district is Reep territory, no play here.

Money coming

Since it appears they broke their own policy about pre-primary endorsements, I suspect they will be playing, and playing big.

Beach Dude

After its defeat last year, the CA Chamber of Commerce is now under the thumb of the unions.

Talk is cheap, we will know who can raise more money by the next reporting deadline.


Beach Dude's post will provide Art Pulaski and Allan Zaremberg a great laugh.

Must be tough on Righerimer as he sees his chance slipping away while so many other conservatives--McGill, Harkey, Walters, and Van Tran are surging ahead of their opponents. And tough on Beach Dude and other fellow travelers.

Allan Bartlett

This could all be a moot point as Steven Greenhut is reporting that Van is standing down in the race for the 34th SD.

Powder Blue Report

Joe Brown


What has Janet done to show that she's a conservative?

She worked for squishy Republican Maddox. nuff said

But wait,

She wants the people of Garden Grove to decide if they want a casino, yet as an elected official she hasn't made a decision. (wasting money for having an election for a decision that the voters put you in place to make)

She comes out and says the city needs to study the possibility of having trained police officers become INS officer. The problem is that Garden Grove doesn't hold it arrestees, it sends them to the county lockup. Janet wants to waste money on a study and then she wants to boasts about possibly doing something that the sherriff will eventually do. (does anybody else see this political grandstanding)

Her endorsements are from moderate organizations and questionable/squishy council members.

She has 99% of her fundraising coming from the Asian community. Is she represting the Asian community or the 68th district?

Does she support bi-lingual ballots?

A high percentage of Vietnamese use these types of election materials. Most conservatives believe that if your voting in America the ballots should be in english only.

What's her take on SSI/SSP (Welfare money) state money going to Vietnamese community members who have never contributed to social security?

What does she think about foodstamps or other aid going to legal immigrants/refugees who never contributed to the pot?

Answer those questions Janet. Lets really see how conservative you are.

Joe Brown's a racist

Joe Brown's a racist.

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