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January 08, 2006



The link to the Times-Reporter story (http://www.timesreporter.com/left.php?ID=49445) is nice, or at least it would be if the info in it were true. Try going to the FEC web site and actually searching for Abramoff contributions.

Thanks for playing, though.

What isn't mentioned is that if the Poseidon project doesn't go through, it's very likely a public agency (MWDOC) will use taxpayer dollars to build the desalination plant there anyway.

The infrastructure pipelines are already in place at the power plant in HB and it makes more sense than to build a desal plant from scratch in Dana Point like MWDOC is studying now.

How can they do a front page article on Foothill-South and not mention the traffic congestion?

Thanks to the Pacific pocket mouse, the gridlocked I-5 may turn into the largest people-trap ever created by a mouse.

Brett R. Barbre

As a Director at MWDOC, we are not interested in building a de-sal plant in Huntington Beach. It does nothing to provide water reliability for the county. The two most logical locations are Dana Point and San Onofre.

chankla feo

Is Barbre talking on behalf of the agency, the Board or staff ... I'm confused ... he's nuts ...

50 million gallons of pure water per day hardly seems like doing "nothing to provide water reliability for the county."

Does Director Barbre also believe the Groundwater Replenishment System will do nothing to provide water reliability for the county? Or because it is being built by a public agency, is it somehow better?

Typical arrogance of a public agency: If they don't control it, it must not be any good.

Brett R. Barbre

I am supportive of the private sector building and operating these plants which is why I am ok with the Poseidon project. Let them build it. In fact I was one of 2 Directors at MWDOC who supported continuing the partnership we had with Poseidon - unfortunately 5 other Directors voted to oppose it.

Unfortunately, the greatest need for a new supply of water is in South County, where they are dependent on one major water line. This is why we have invested so much time and effort into the Dana Point and San Onofre sites.

Eventually the enviros will file lawsuits to stop all these water projects yet we have to continue.

I am not a big fan of GWR but two agencies other than mine have committed significant resources to construct it. Time will tell whether it was a wise expenditure of funds.

Finally - how many electeds will actually use their name when blogging? I guess I could hide behind some anonymous moniker but THAT would be arrogant - and nuts.

Tom Kaptain

The story on the UFW is nonsense. Anyone who has spent significant time in Sacramento knows that the UFW has stuck closer to their roots than most so called progressive organizations. They are not perfect, but they generally do the right thing and so far as I have seen, money is not a decisive factor in any of their decisions.

I suspect that someone planted the story because Cesar Chavez's granddaughter is the frontrunner for a State Assembly seat (Three candidates have taken polls that show her ahead, one by a substantial margin) She is popular primarily because of the strength of the Farmworkers Union, not anything in her own background, so some politico's have the knives out and the Times seems happy to carry their water. It's unfortunate.


You are kidding; right Tom? Dolores Huerta did not endorse Chavez's grandaughter, Christine Chavez; she endorsed Elena Popp.

Chavez has not shot at this race for a number of reasons. First, she only recently moved into the District and doesn't understand it. Second, she has limited political experience in LA. Three, Fabian Nunez's longtime buddy, Kevin De Leon, is running and is the frontrunner.

And, as someone who used to work for the UFW, I can tell you that the Union lost its way in the 80s and has not focused on farmworkers since. It's sad, but true.

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