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December 31, 2005



You're banned from my posts, Blog Watcher. Try the Koz, they'll take your comments in crayon.

Phil Paule

Since Camp P is in the 49th Congressional District I am very aware of the issue with Sunrise Growers. Let's just say Lurks post was right on target. Congressman Issa did in fact help Sunrise exit the base in the best manner possible for both their business and the USMC


You are welcome, Lurk.

As for Blog Watcher, I don't know what he said but this is the way you guys operate, right? You can't handle the truth so you ban people. And then you debate them on other boards - like the El Toro info , http://www.eltoroairport.org/discus/board.html where no one is banned, except for real profanity. Right, Jubal?

BW, take your iBook to Panera or other places with Wi-Fi to at least reply to thin skinned Lurk.

Also, come to DU http://www.democraticunderground.com/ where many have fun trashing Orange County Republicans.

Miriam Bertram

Hanna, I got kicked off daily kos and DU within 30 minutes to an hour. Just stating facts that did not conform with their obscenity laced stupidity. This forum at least allows contrary opinions, DU and Kos don't.



Thanks for linking to our back-and-forth on the El Toro site. It will make it that much easier for others to see how hollow your complaints are.

No one is banned from OC Blog for their opinions. Period. If you maintain otherwise, you are a liar.


Miriam, Jubal, and friends:
I have had comments, questions, and opinions erased from this discussion within minutes of posting.
While I have yet to be banned, you folks should clarify to your readers that yours is an edited blog.


Democratic Underground singlehandedly keeps Kool-Aid in business. BlogWatcher won't fit in there.


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