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December 13, 2005


Allan Bartlett

On balance, I'd say that Mr Reiff is spot on with his analysis. I especially liked his last sentence...

"Gilchrist and the Minutemen won’t be going away. Politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, beware."

We will see real fast how John "44%" Campbell's rhetoric squares with his votes coming up on immigration reform. Any vote for any "guest worker" program will be considered a vote for amnesty pure & simple. I hope he understands that.

Powder Blue Report

Miriam Bertram

This guest worker idea is a no go in my mind unless all workers under the program are not allowed to marry or have children (legitimate or illigitimate). AND we know that won't happen... I stopped the OCR after yet another article about a poverty stricken illegal immigrant couple and their 5 legal children.

Allan Bartlett

LOL Miriam. The anchor baby issue is a huge problem. You're right about the Register too. I keep seeing these stories of how worried the illegals are that they might be caught and their family might get separated or all deported. Are you freakin kidding me! Then don't break our laws and come here illegally! I have zero sympathy for these people when I read crap like this. They should have thought about that before they committed a felony by coming over here.

Powder Blue Report


Great comparison of Cox/Campbell. Kudos to Mr. Reiff. One thing that has come to mind is what happened to the Cox staff? Very few of them went over to SEC.

One thing I understand Cox was known for on Capitol Hill was his high-level intellectual staff. I hear that his campaign manager came to DC, with no former Washington experience to head the office. Sacramento staff (God help us) have also come to D.C. and some hired staff aren't from, or have even been to California.

This is really going to hurt Campbell is he is sincere in trying to make his mark quickly in Washington.

Phil Paule

Dear Ken B

Having worked during the campaign with the very people your are making assumptions regarding, I can assure that they are hard working, smart and very capable of carrying out the policy of Congressman Campbell. I am sorry that Campbell did not think of choosing someone an intellectually superior as yourself to go to DC with him.

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