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December 06, 2005


David Zenger

In re the Block development: since I've crossed swords on this general topic with the Blogpen before, I'll do it again.

Without knowing ANY of the details of the proposed project I would say that the issue of unfettered property rights becomes much less clear-cut IF (and I repeat the caveat that I don't know the specifics of the project) the City is proposing a site specific zone change, variance, (or of course -- subsidy) that substantially increases the development value of the property in question. If this occurs I believe the citizens and taxpayers acquire a different, more immediate interest in the nature of the ultimate development.

N.B. I might add that there is already a lot of activity in the vicinty, including the County Jail, the Juvenile Detention Facility, UCI Medical Center, the Orangewood home, County Animal Control, the Block (of course), and the Crystal Cathedral complex. Supporters could cogently argue that this gives employees of these facilities a place to live nearby.

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