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December 07, 2005


Koko Archibong

It should be noted that the State Parks DO NOT OWN THE LAND!! The Marines do and they want the toll road as far to the north of Camp Pendleton as possible so their training excercises aren't impacted. But go any FURTHER north and you'd hit homes in Talega.

TCA did a good job of threading the needle by selecting this alternative.

By the way... no mention of the fact that the EPA and US Fish & Wildlife both endorse this alignment... Only the environmental wingnuts oppose it.


Carona's ship is sinking

Nice article today in the LA Times about one of California's and Orange County's GOP leaders switching support from Carona to Hunt. Then you have Carona's guy John Fleishman, a county employee talking about the GOP's eroding support for the Governor. What John should be more concerned about is the GOP eroding support of his boss, Mike Carona. Nice job Carona guys- publicly bashing Mario, a well respected GOP leader, friend of the President and a New Majority Board member. You just sealed your coffin.


You're pretty funny.

Yep, the Sheriff was alloted $100K via County Counsel's oversight and approval of all expenditures. Looks like we're going to have to keep close tabs on the BOS, to make sure they're keeping close tabs on County Counsel.

I did go to the meeting and strongly encouraged the BOS not to allot the money.
Even though they passed it, as the article reads, they did caution the Sheriff that they would be watching very closely.

One big item of concern that I brought up was the fact the law firm chosen was the same one who recommended that documents not be disclosed to the public that verified Mike Carona had falsified papers submitted to the State POST commission, on behalf of his supporters that he sold the badges and guns to. Had those papers not been disclosed, we, the public, would never have learned about the Reserve Deputy scandal.

The Sheriff actually got up and said that the reporter, Christine Hanley, of the LA Times, lied about him in her May 26, 2005 article. Carona then when on to say, "If the board is going to monitor my program closely, they should montior all other county divisions as well, since they too have access to outside counsel."

The BIG difference, Sheriff Carona, is that no one else has brought embarrassment to the County on a regular basis like you. Therefore, you have proven that you can't be trusted and must be looked after until your promised two term career has ended.

Regarding Mr. Schroeder's comments attempting to downplay Mario Rodriguez'
endorsement of Bill Hunt, what else can you say when a major player defects from your candidate (Carona) who has a can of worms for a resume?

You're obviously not going to stand up and cheer for the guy who was far enough away to get away from the mess Carona has made, while you're left holding the pooper scooper.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Dino (R)

On Bill Hunt's website, he lists his long and distinguished list of political heavyweights, including the following: A FORMER San Clemente City Councilwoman;A FORMER Tustin City Councilman;A Former Dana Point Mayor and now Tim Whitacre is crowing about a FORMER GOP official who happens to be a San Clemente community member in Bill Hunt's little city.

What Tim fails to mention is Bill Hunt's lack of support from any local, countywide or State Police unions (not even his own), No State represtentatives, No County officials and only a sprinkling of local city officials. Most of whom only represent a small demographic of San Clemente and Dana Point.

Considering Hunt's small campaign fund and recent trouble in the media I suppose it's an accomplishment to be taken seriously by some, but nothing to write home about.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig Tim.

Tim Whitacre


Welcome to the Blog, obviously you're "new" around here as I have never seen a posting from you before.

That being said, you need to revist Bill Hunt's website because you inadvertently missed one big item...

The fact that there are over 300 Orange County Deputies that openly endorse Bill Hunt. There are hundreds more that support him as well, but don't want their names anywhere Carona and his thugs can see them.

Have you seen the Carona webpage? How many Deputies are listed there?????

As a voter I would much rather be concerned with what law enforcement professionals think of their own, rather than elected politicians.

For a challenger (Lt. Bill Hunt) from within the same Department, to be able to show hundreds of fellow Deputies as supporters over that of an incumbent Sheriff, IS something to write home about!

As for the rest of the endorsement list, just keep watching as it grows. I also encourage you to visit CARONACHRONICLES.COM.
It's a must read for anyone concerned about this race.

You can dress up Mike Carona in a uniform and put four stars on his collar, but that does not a Sheriff make.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Dino (R)


I rechecked the website and you are right. There are 300 anonymous deputies who support Bill Hunt. Who are the "thugs" that you claim might "see" them. What sort of things are the "Carona Thugs" doing to disuade the deputies from standing up for what they believe? Isn't it illegal for the Sheriff to prevent deputies from exercising their constitutional rights? Why don't you file a complaint? If this is happening it is shameful and should be dealt with. If this is just a baseless claim, then that is shameful too. Do you have proof of this Tim?

You are also right about the Sheriff Carona website. The only one I found was the official department website. But he is the incumbent Sheriff. Why would he need one? Furthermore, It is my understanding that he is not accepting contributions or endorsements from his subordinates. I find that admirable and believe it shields him from any quid pro quo allegations. Unlike Lt. Hunt who is evidently taking endorsements from all sectors of the department. Do you see anything wrong with that? Are there any ethical dilemas this might present?

You also say "As a voter I would much rather be concerned with what law enforcement professionals think of their own, rather than elected politicians." is that a commentary on your candidate or the Sheriff? I don't see any law enforcement unions supporting Lt. Hunt. 300 anonymous deputies is a nice number, but how many are there on the department? I've heard the number is anywhere from 1800-4000 (I don't know)including the Special Security Officers.

As you requested, I also viewed the Carona Chronicles. It raises a lot of issues. You are right, they don't make the Sheriff or the department look good. Given the tone of the person hosting the site, I found it to be a little tasteless and sarcastic. Couldn't the person hosting the site take a more reasoned approach in presenting the information, or is it just designed to stir anger and resentment towards the Sheriff on behalf of Lt. Hunt?

If the Carona Chronicles are even remotely accurate and the reports I've seen about Lt. Hunt in the newspapers and television media are true, then it appears that leadership from outside the department may be the best course of action.

Do you know much about Ralph Martin or the other fellow, Alcaraz? I've viewed Martin's website and he appears to have the credentials (significantly more than candidate Hunt)to assume the leadership reins of Sheriff? I haven't seen any scandals involving supporters of his and I haven't heard much in the way of discontent in his current department. I haven't made up my mind yet, but he sounds like a viable alternative to the mudslinging from within the OC Sheriffs Department.

anon ii

DINO, you are right...Tim has done such a WONDERFUL job of mud-slinging, that if for any reason Carona chooses not to run, Martin can walk in (Reggie Bush style-sorry, Allan).

Green Machine

I'd have to agree anon ii. The mudslinging coming from the Hunt camp has created a hostile atmosphere for everyone at OCSD. I think that was the goal of Hunt's campaign.

I continue to hear Whitacre attacking the moral character of Sheriff Carona but he always leaves out the part where his candidate Bill Hunt met with the Sheriff for lunch and actually thought he had gained an endorsement from him....then when the Sheriff decided to run for another term, Hunt suddenly decided Sheriff Carona was morally corrupt and had to go.

So which is it Whitacre, is the sheriff so corrupt that he cant' serve another term or is it just that he got in the way of your ambitious candidate? If he is corrupt then why did Bill Hunt meet with him and seek his endorsement?

PS: I've been on hiatus (self imposed) but your hypocrisy is deserving of commentary.

Good damn thing Carona now has 100k to spend on attorneys as he'll need it with lawsuits forthcoming for releasing an retired undercover detectives photo just for political gain.

its called public information. he's a former cop not a current undercover cop. if he wants to remain anonymous he should stay sober.

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