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December 31, 2005


gimme a break

Already the lemmings at the Chamber are chiming in "what a great idea" it is to raise the minimum wage.

Len Kranser

The Times missed Orange County’s biggest news happening of 2005 in its wrap up (O.C.’s 2005) on 16 O.C. stories making news. The end of the eleven year, $150 million fight over a proposed El Toro airport – the county’s most contentious issue since the bankruptcy - got nary a word.

For our report on 2005 and predictions for 2006 - The El Toro Year in Review - see the El Toro website News section at www.eltoroairport.org

Happy New Year.


Register story Farm closes for lack of legal labor


Sunrise Growersis closing its San Clemente Ranch today, a 498-acre expanse just over the county line on Camp Pendleton, land so bountiful it typically produced about 7,000 tons of fruit and vegetables a year.

Sunrise couldn't get enough legal workers.

Tighter restrictions at the border cut the flow of workers to San Clemente and to farms around the state. But what really made it nearly impossible for Sunrise was the intensifying security at the base, which excluded workers lacking documentation - and that included many of the workers at San Clemente. Entrance to the ranch is through the base gate, and military commanders no longer wanted to allow illegal-immigrant workers to enter. Typically, 250 workers a day labored at the site, picking, planting and tending to other chores. Now they are recycling irrigation pipe, packing equipment and cleaning up.


Hanna, please see my later post. This one was too good to ignore.

More on Sheriff Carona: One of his Captain's has been indicted on 16 counts of soliciting illegal campaign contributions related to the embattled sheriff. One of Carona's ex-friends, who endorsed him in 1998, Joe Cavallo, also has been recently indicted and is also suing Carona.

Another contributor, Rick Rizullo, has mobster ties to Chicago and will be indicted in early 2006. And can anyone tell me, has Carona ever returned the $15,000.00 in illegal campaign funds he received from Charles Gabbard, who is also fighting criminal charges that are related to Carona.

and the Wright brother's flew, too...

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