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December 30, 2005



Why do I have so much time believing that a nautical museum will draw more people than the Balboa Fun Zone?

"Hey, honey, it's Friday night! What do you say we go down to the nautical museum?"


Blog Watcher

Aside from Moxley's article. Greenhut is on a jihad against police abuse on the Orange Punch blog.

Mike Carona nevers ceases to amaze me. He had the reputation of being a philanderer while at the Marshal's office, now we have pictures to prove it. And if his "Friend for ever" Georger Jaramillo took that pic and the one of the same "interpreter" (Is that what they call them in Russia) while in Carona's hotel room wearing his Official County jacket, I can only imagine what other pics might be floating around.


Hi Jubal,

An interesting part of the "others" in Jane Doe's lawsuit was Defendant Joseph Cavallo.

Naming an opposing attorney in a civil lawsuit is an unusual maneuver.

Cavallo intimated that he enjoys immunity in LA Times piece.

Should be intriguing to see how this one plays out.


Alex Brant-Zawadzki

Hear ye, hear ye; in the case of Doe versus Haidl et. al., Judge Sue DeNym presiding, the prosecution would like to call Ann Onymous to the stand.

What'll be interesting will (hopefully) be a definitive discussion of the line between passionate defense and civil liberty violation. Not to mention total dickery. Talkin' all that trash about her in court...that ain't right.

Blog Watcher

This is the part of Moxley's article I like,

"but he did recall how the scantily clad woman ended up in his Moscow hotel room wearing his official jacket and a smile. Says Carona through his lawyer, Moscow has a prostitution problem and he loaned the woman his jacket to sneak her into his room."

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...........Okay.

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