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December 26, 2005



"Government by eBay" implies that there's some bidding going on. That's contrary to the Commissar's philosophy in that he needs for Irvine's business and the Park's to go to his friends.

The obvious point of all this is to hurt/embarass Shea -- since there are no penalties involved, Agran's just using his position to bludgeon Shea with well publicized legislative trickery.


Why is the destruction of the menorah so hard to believe? After reading this blog for a few months, I'm not surprised at all. There is plenty of hate right here on OCBlog - hate for undocumented immigrants, hate for gays, hate for Democrats, hate for moderate Republicans, basically hate for anyone different from one's self.
If you're looking for some hate-filled people, look no further than some of the folks who post here on a regular basis.

When In Rome, Do As The Vandals

Why is it OK for the Register to use Vandal as an ethnic slur?



Cry me a river, pal. Since when does criticism equal hate? Has anyone on this blog ever advocated vandalism or property destruction?

It's impossible to take weepy, over-the-top handwringing like yours seriously.


Neither a Hanukkah Menorah nor a Nativity Scene belongs on public place. Period.

There are plenty of private places where individuals can place wheatever they want.

It is too bad that many good intentioned Jews decided to place a Hanukkah Menorah to ccompete with the Nativity Scene and with a Christmas Tree. By doing so they have created the impression that Hanukkah is the Jewish Christmas. It is not.

Happy Hanukkah. Joyous Kwanzaa. Merry Boxing Day.

Silence Dogood

I absolutely agree with Jubal. NoName employs the same illogic as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, equating criticism - sometimes blistering criticism - with hate. It is not the same, not the same at all. It is an undeveloped mind that leads one to think otherwise.

I take pleasure in debate over the implementation of ideas in public policy with pundits of the Left. I do my best to avoid ad hominem attacks. I have always believed that OC Blog does a pretty good job of organizing contests of cogency. Comments are welcome from all who seek truth and strive to make other see in a congenial manner.

You, sir or madame, are absolutely mistaken.

Blog Watcher

Hate to burst Jubal's and SG's bubbles. But.....

On this thread here your very own Lurk refers to illegal aliens as 'vermin'.

If that isn't indicative of hatred roiling beneath the surface, what is?

Miriam Bertram

Dear Blog Watcher and NoName... To hear hate, just listen to the Dems talk about President Bush and Republicans. Read Daily Kos, where they call for the death of our President and cheer each death of our troops as getting us closer to defeat. Vermin is pretty mild since it only means pests or nuisances. I would refer to so-called 'undocumented immigrant' by a much stronger word. Let's even try illegal, or is that too strong a word for NoName.

Blog Watcher

Miriam. That really isn't the point. Now you're trying to rationalize levels of hatred. The point is that Jubal and SG stated that type of rhetoric didn't occur on this board and I pointed to an example that dispelled that statement.

You rationalize a degree of dehumanizing by pointing to far left wing web sites or far left wing individuals. The internet wasn't quite the tool it is now. But during the Clinton administration I heard the same type of rhetoric from far right wingers about his presidency.

So that example doesn't wash either.

What is important is what goes on here. And if Lurk is saying this in public (and you consider it to be mild) what are you and he saying when you think no one is listening?

I would be interested in knowing what type of 'stronger' words you use to describe people who are coming here because someone who is here legally is willing to hire them to do a job Americans aren't willing to do, or won't.



You can not, and will not, win this argument. Don't take the bait from Blog Watcher.

In the lingering spirt of Christmas, let's move on to important subjects...like football and how we must hate any team that Larry Agran supports. Isn't he an Anteater fan?

Go Ants!

Allan Bartlett

That's a bs argument blogwatcher about "job Americans aren't willing to do". In states where illegal aliens haven't invaded yet, most if not all those "jobs Americans won't do" are filled by entry level workers/kids out of high school. That's how it used to be in California and other places pre-invasion. The only work I can think of that needs seasonal workers is agriculture. We used to have the bracero program that worked pretty well until it was disbanded back in the 60's. Most if not all the workers went home when the pickin' was done. That's a lazy argument. We need enforcement of all the current laws. We need interior enfrocement/deportations and employer crack downs to start immediately. We won't need to deport the 20 million currently here because once we actually start cracking down, the illegals will self deport themselves. Word spreads fast throughout the illegal alien community that "La Migra" is cracking down. They'll either go into hiding or self deport themelves.

Powder Blue Report

Blog Watcher

DR. I'm sorry if pointing out the obvious is contrary to your beliefs. But sad to say I'm not the one making the allegations of there being no hatred speech taking place on these boards. I just pointed to an example and let people make up their own minds. They are the words of an individual in the blog pen. NOT MINE!!!


Are you telling me there are HS kids here in OC that are trying to get jobs picking strawberries and are being turned away? I would sure like to see proof of that statement.

Miriam Bertram

Far left wing individuals? : You mean Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democrat Party, who says Republicans want children to go to bed hungry? The perversion from the far left has invaded the 'mainstream' Democrats.

My stronger word is 'illegal'. We don't call it undocumented theft. They are criminals and should be called such and treated as such..

Allan Bartlett

If you would have read my post blogwatcher, I said agriculturial /seasonal workers should be let in a la the "bracero program" circa the 50s and 60s.

Powder Blue Report

Blog Watcher


Who is the bigger criminal? The one who comes here looking for work? Or the one who knowingly hires the criminal looking for work because it is less expensive than hiring someone who is here legally?

And I would like to see the context of Dean's statements. If he really said them.

Blog Watcher

And Miriam. You keep deflecting from the main point here. FOCUS.....FOCUS!!!

It was stated that hatred was not part of the discussion on these boards. I just pointed to an example that dispelled that statement.

Live with it.

Miriam Bertram

I'll find the Dean quote for you. It is quite real and repeated on the radio at times.

Blog Watcher


I don't care if you find the quote or not. It is not pertinent to this issue. The fact remains that a blogger from the blog pen purposely wrote comments referring to human beings as 'vermin'.

Instead of denouncing the remarks like a rational person you response is to convince me (and others I guess) the other side is worse.

Which really is tacit approval of the remarks.

Which is pretty sad to know what type of person you are that thinks so little of their fellow man.


Nice way to deflect the focus. Blog Watcher was talking about OC Blog, not about Daily Kos or others.

What I find funny is that both Miriam and "DR" conveniently ignored another story from the roundup, from Wisckol's:

Quote of the week

"(I)f a nuclear weapon goes off in Washington, D.C., or New York or Los Angeles, it'll burn the Constitution as it does. So I'm very happy we have a president that's going to wiretap people's communication with people overseas to make sure that they're not plotting to blow up one of our cities."
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

R-Huntington Beach, when asked on CNN if there might be constitutional issues with current electronic eavesdropping practices


Thus Congressman Dana would rather nuke D.C, NYC and L.A. (all conveniently with a majority of liberals) then give up spying.

And I always thought that Republicans, especially from O.C. were against big government.


Thanks for backing me up, BW.
And Miriam, since committing an illegal act makes one an illegal, does that include everyone who has exceeded the speed limit on occasion?


ver·min (vûrmn)
n. pl. vermin
1. Various small animals or insects, such as rats or cockroaches, that are destructive, annoying, or injurious to health.
2. Animals that prey on game, such as foxes or weasels.
a. A person considered loathsome or highly offensive.
b. Such people considered as a group.

Blog Watcher: please note definition 3a & 3b. And please stop being so sanctimonious.


"Thus Congressman Dana would rather nuke D.C, NYC and L.A. (all conveniently with a majority of liberals) then give up spying."

That's a rather remarkable display of logical gymnastics. Can I have that one again, please?

Art Pedroza

While we're at it, can we nuke Berkely, San Francisco and Hollywood too?

Blog Watcher

Hey RP.

You aren't going to try and tell us that was Lurk's intent? Are you? With a straight face?

The intent was quite clear. And why isn't he in here defending himself? He was given ample opportunity on the thread and didn't.

Art. Why do so called 'compassionate' conservatives even let the thought of nuking anyone in America enter their mind?


I don't know Lurk so I can't say anything about him -- with a straight face or any other kind for that matter.

Personally, I thought the use of the word was unfortunate, but why make a Federal case out of it?

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