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December 24, 2005



An Editorial from the San Diego Union Tribune (too good to miss):

Botox tax? Bah!


hades of Proposition 13. We could soon hear rumblings of a possible tax revolt in 2006 by Californians – at least among those with heavily lined faces. Despite what a Sacramento Bee report described as unanimous public opposition, the rapacious sorts at the Board of Equalization may soon decide to impose a tax on, yes, Botox.

The rationale for such a levy is that state regulations exempt medicines from the sales tax, but only if they are used to treat disease. This has a certain logic, to be sure. But while Botox is mainly sold as a wrinkle remover, the fact remains that it is an FDA-approved drug used to treat a long list of ailments – migraines, neck pain, cerebral palsy, muscle spasms, jaw disorders, etc. Do we really want the state to set up a regulatory process to evaluate which Botox purchases should be taxed and which should go untaxed?

Happy Holidays!

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