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December 23, 2005


angry in m.v.

The Capo trustees got lucky. They better wake up!


You've got to hand it to the CUSD Recall folks -- they worked their butts off, put up a reasonably good website, used the media fairly well and came oh so close. There are four of these Board positions up in the next election, and that promises to be, hopefully, a lot more interesting than your average School Board vote.


I was at the FV Council Meeting where Thai Duong and his lawyer pitched (for the umpteenth time) his needs and plans to expand his home. NIMBYism reigned as the complaining neighbor tried to dazzle the throng with slide after slide on how Duong was trying to skirt the law. The Council voted 5-0 in Duong's favor and now he may use his personal property as he intended. A victory for property rights for sure, but it never arose in the discussion (or at the Planning Commission) that he was entitled to do pretty much as he pleased with his own home and land. His additions were completely compatible to building codes, but the NIMBYs still cost him months and $$$s in fighting for his rights. I also sensed, just under the superficial issues, that there was an element of racism working against Duong (plus he planned a granny flat for other family members) as the neighbors that spoke against him and his rights weren't the classiest group of people I've encountered here in this classic bedroom community.

Angry in south county

The Capo trustees may think they are off the hook, but the reality is around 18,000 registered voters in the district were mad enough to sign petitions to throw them out. That is a pretty stong base for "anybody but the incumbents" in the upcoming election.

Edward A. Suppe

I don't mind being the underdog in my race against Dana. As a former member of the Regular US Coast Guard I am familiar with achieving my mission on a shoestring budget. Look at what the Coast Guard did in New Orleans using junk equipment! I do however invite Congress to finally fully fund the Coast Guard so we can replace the Coast Guard's current worn out fleet of ships, aircraft and boats.

Instead of working with Barney Franks to legalize pot or be involved with influence peddling in Congress and the Department of Homeland Security I wish Dana would concentrate on protecting our ports.

After all the 46th Congressional District is a maritime District containing Huntington Harbor, Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station and strategic the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Our next Pearl Harbor...

The first half of the typical Pearl Harbor Movie such as Tora! Tora! Tora! examines all the early warning signs the US Government had that a Japanese attack was imminent and how the US Government failed to recognize the threat until it was too late. Sound like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and Bird Flu?

I will tell you the real threat to our country. Every morning that I wake up and Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor has not had a nuclear attack I am surprised. It is very, very, very easy for Osama to do.

Do you have any idea what would happen to the USA and the World economy when Osama shuts down shipping worldwide by blowing up the Port of Los Angeles and/or other key USA ports?


From January 2005 to Sept. 2005: 2,866,385 loaded containers (TEU) entered the Port of Los Angeles, CA.

From January 2005 to Sept. 2005: 2,475,428 loaded containers (TEU) entered the Port of Long Beach, CA.

One or more of these containers can house a nuclear weapon and every day most come in with zero inspection. In addition it is ridiculous to check containers for weapons of mass destruction in the port because it is too late. US Custom's x-ray equipment might trigger a WMD!

Container ships must be inspected by the USA at an offshore island location for weapons of mass destruction before they reach USA mainland and not in a USA port! This is common sense!

I believe Osama can set off multiple nuclear devices in multiple ports whenever he wants to. In my opinion he is holding off on such an attack because if he takes down the USA he will no longer have his #1 enemy to blame for all the problems in the Muslim world.

I have been to Nagasaki and I will tell you bird flu, 9/11, and Katrina are a "walk in the park" compared to our next nuclear Pearl Harbor! US Customs is just as bad as FEMA and we are not being protected by our government.


Edward A. Suppe
Former Congressional Candidate for California's 48th Congressional District
Currently planning to run for California's 46th Congressional District


The most recent experience I had with the U.S. Coast Guard was ona cruise ship to Mexico. After allowing one of my bags through security and remain in my posession till 2 a.m. the first night, Coast Guard SWAT team knocked gently at my door to inspect my stateroom. Turns out one of my bags was "radioactive." After taking "positive control" of the room and some scary moments, my wife and I decided to go on deck (after hours of interviewing and searching my stuff.) My wife innocently pointed out that a coast guard helicopter and 2 ships were flanking the cruise ship which was denied access to San Diego. Finally, we were paged and brought back to our room. Everything was all clear and they said our suitcase must have absorbed some of the x-radiation from the security machines. Nice. We were informed it was giving off a high-level of radiation. They left the bags with us and wished us a happy cruise. I wasn't very pleased. Is this an indication of our current security standards?

Edward A. Suppe


I thought more and more about your reply.

In your reply you really hit on the key question on the war on terror. As Americans how much freedom and treasure are we willing to give up to prevent a WMD attack on our shores?

In a way it is very similar to the levees in New Orleans. Is prevention better than cleanup? I believe that a WMD attack must be prevented at all cost and we will need to put up with false alarms such as you experienced until technology automates some of the hassle associate with Homeland Security.

Edwared A. Suppe

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