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December 19, 2005


Allan Bartlett

All I can say is that the Catholic church better start rooting out all their pedophile priests. This is a complete disgrace with this latest story of Fr. Euleterio Ramos. Ever since these revelations, I have to say that I'm ashamed to call myself a Catholic sometimes. I remember very vividly seeing Msgr. Mike Driscoll walking around Our lady Queen of Angels when I went there from 1977-84. I also was around Father Harris of Mater Dei a lot when I was there. He has now been shown to be a pedophile. I'm just waiting to see if any priests that served when I was there come forward and admit that they molested boys.

Powder Blue Report

Where is Art Pedroza and the rest of you living in denial andthinking that latinos naturally should be Republican? Did you see Wiskol's piece about Prop 73 and hispanics opposing by a 14 point margin.


Meanwhile confusion continues at the Great Park. See eltroroinfo report http://www.eltoroairport.org/news/current_news.html#1219-professionals

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