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December 18, 2005


Blog Watcher

OCR's Lansner on yet another tax: 'Departure tax' leaves logic far behind. Would this be necessary if El Toro had been used for something sensible?

Fortunately, the majority of citzens in OC deemed otherwise.

Johnny Slash

Toad licking is so totally wrong!

And while we worry about the quality of life of a toad, we all sit in ever-increasing traffic congestion away from our families. I think a road that will get me home faster is "indespensible" and "vital" to my habitat!

Build the @#%* road already!


Although the (toll) road enters San Diego County northeast of San Clemente and travels through four miles of San Onofre State Beach along San Mateo Campground ---- the fifth-most popular of all 278 state campgrounds ---- no San Diego official sits on the board.

"It's out of my jurisdiction," San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn said last week, adding that he was aware of the project but had not been asked to offer official comment. "I think it will serve Orange County well, but we've now got a six-lane road dumping traffic onto I-5. I can see it getting jammed up."


Didn't know Supervisor Horn was a traffic engineer. There aren't any major onramps or offramps through Camp Pendleton so you won't find the typcial "weaving" you get at other freeway interchanges.

Yes, I'm sure San Diego will be furious that they now have another road alternative when traveling to OC/LA/IE.

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