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December 15, 2005



Carona Must Resign

Mike Carona is an embarrassment to Orange County, everything he is affiliates with are always in trouble with the law. And here another story about his floundering non-profit that couldn’t event stay open due to his mismanagement. Now, we find out his biggest donor was caught bribing a judge! Time for Carona to resign before he is forced too!


In Laguna Beach:

'The committee is being created "to make sure the voters can feel confident we're using the money the way they voted for it to be used," said Mayor Elizabeth Pearson-Schneider."

Hmmm. Somehow I wouldn't feel reassured about this committee if I lived in Laguna Beach. No doubt it will be composed a handful of "sound" people known for their respectful attitude to Ken Franks and "staff," and who wouldn't know a construction site from a web site.

And to add more dust to the sandstorm, the city manager want to sell bonds immediately to raise cash. Well, there goes some $ upfront in legal/bond sales commissions costs.

Allan Bartlett

It's good thing there are no major retail centers like big malls, new car lots, etc in Laguna Beach. Why would anyone buy a big ticket item there if they can pay less tax for it next door in Irvine or Newport. It doesn't make sense, but then again liberals never saw a tax they didn't like or wanted to hike. When does it end? Oh and I love the part about the tax "sunseting" in six years. If anyone thinks that will happen, I got some ocean property in Nevada to show you. They'll make an some sort of lame excuse that they still need the tax in six years. I remember when the sales tax used to be around 6% in Orange County. Those were the good ole days. Does anyone seriously think that it will go back down to that level?

Powder Blue Report

el boracho

Let's make sure Sharon Greene is on that Laguna People's committee ...

Not content to hang back as the newest member of the House, Rep. John Campbell stepped immediately into the fray over illegal immigration Wednesday, proposing an amendment to a major bill that would increase border security and strengthen immigration enforcement.

Well, so much for all the Gilchrist sycophants who claimed Campbell would conveniently ignore illegal immigration now that he was in his safe, Republican set.



Holy Moley, Dana Point wants to cough up 1.5 mil for a sculpture! For chrissakes, you'd think Michaelangelo was doing it.

Maybe they should rename their annual event the "Festival of Taxpayer Wails."


With all the hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing and wails of protest over Larry Agran's proposed Irvine conflict of interest ordinance and what it might do, or not do, to certain incumbent Councilmembers, I was amazed to learn from Frank Mickadeit's column that Councilwoman Shea says her outside activities are not even covered by the ordinance.

Perhaps in the future she might want to tell us that a little earlier in the game. It would save a lot of consternation on the part of those desirous of rushing to her defense as well as those trying to sift through the hyperbole.

Green Machine

Maybe the teeth gnashing and wails of protest aren't for Shea's benefit...maybe its just the disgust over Larry Agran's attempts to stifle criticism and counter opinions.

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