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December 14, 2005


Allan Bartlett

I watched most of the Irvine City Council meeting on TV last night. Whenever there is anything controversial on the agenda, Larry makes sure that most people are asleep when it comes up. Last night was no different. They didn't even start taking public comments on the proposed "ethics" ordinance until about 10:30pm. I went to bed at 11 and Larry was still filibustering. I don't know how the debate ended. I'm sure it got rammed through bt 3-2 vote though. I have to complement Mitch Goldstone, Adam Probolsky, Greg Smith, and Ray Quigley for eloquent speeches on why to oppose the ordinance.

Powder Blue Report

Miriam Bertram

Update: vote on Irvine City Council ordinance continued until January.



That's because Agran does not have to get up the next morning to go to work - rarely had to, being married to a successful physician that pays for his toys.

We, as a society do not want to pay adequate compensation to our firefighters, police officers, teachers and now we expect politicians to work full day for nothing.

When Shea was the Mayor she, too, did not have to work for a living and thus would spend as many hours as were necessary at City Hall. The same with Agran. And Irvine citizens have gotten used to the fact that they can have a full time mayor but not paying for one.


I'm fascinated by this "executive assistant" job that is mentioned in the Irvine ordinance. What kind of job is this? What are the job requirements? Who picks these people? Do any other city councilmembers in Orange County have their own staff person? Is it because they're part-time that they need the help of an assistant?

Once word gets out that the Irvine council has staff, the council in other cities of comparable size (Fullerton, for instance) may demand similar "support."

Although I'm not a supporter of staff featherbedding, the idea of a councilman being able to get intelligent feedback from a trusted source might be well-worth the expense. Having this person report to the City Manager would be an absolute disaster - it would completely defeat the purpose.

Matthew Cunningham


Anaheim councilmembers have part-time council assistants. I worked as former Anaheim Councilman Tom Tait's assistant several years ago.

Council/executive assistants are a good idea in bigger cities like Anaheim and Irvine. They function as an independent resource for research and information, thus reducing councilmembers dependence on staff.

That's why, as you pointed out, it is essential for them to be directly responsible to their councilmember. Having them report to the City manager defeats the purpose.

How come Laguna's tax passed without the two-thirds vote?


Hanna wrote:
>We, as a society do not want to pay adequate compensation to our firefighters, police officers, teachers<
We don't? That's news to me and everyone else I know; those are the major areas where tax dollars should be spent; although teachers come out on the short end of this stick, there's NO WAY you can put police and firefighters in that category; I know A LOT of both, and every one has a better home and peripherals than I can afford; I think they're compensated quite fairly.

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