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December 13, 2005



"Widening the 91 Freeway within five years to ease massive congestion won approval Monday from Orange County's transportation agency."

And, hard to believe, some people are still unhappy!

Here's a good one

Missed in the clips:



Red, I'm one of those that still aren't happy; adding 2 or 4 lanes will only have a miniscule impact.
On the other hand, making multi-reversible lanes will relieve a massive amount of congestion (7/8 lanes traveling east in morning and west in evening); I cannot imagine why this is not receiving traction; perhaps it will only work if the express lanes are eliminated (and they sure won't give up that cash cow very easily; commuters be d&%*ed).

anon ii

See, RP, you're not the only one missing facetiousness!!

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