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December 29, 2005



I'm a solid Democrat, but this is one democrat I cannot stand. She's ineffective, tawdry and can't deliver. I'd take a republican over this tramp. Thanks for listening.

Gustavo Arellano

This Gus doesn't like her much, either, but she's queen bee in her district for as long as she wants. B-1 Loretta, if you will.

Gus Gomez

Couldn't we run a stalwart Latino against her? She's bad for the District, bad for Latinos and non-Latinos.

Allan Bartlett

I couldn't agree with you guys more. She is terrible not only for the district, but for the nation as well. She's been play acting a Congresswoman since 1996. She has no accomplishments for the district to speak of. When she is getting publicity for things, it's usually been for dubious fundraisers at the Playboy Mansion or sending out skanky Christmas cards with her sitting on the Chimmney dressed in a Santa hat or something. The district deserves a lot better.

Powder Blue Report

Fiscal Hawk

Did anyone see her x-mas card this year - Sanchez sleeping with a cat? This woman really need to find herself a man...


Um... Hawk, welcome to the 19th Century. I thought we left behind the notion that a woman "needs a man" to be complete, or a whole, or worthy, or whatever.

If you had a Xmas card from a male politico as a cowboy sleeping next to a horse, would you say that he needs to find a woman?

"If you had a Xmas card from a male politico as a cowboy sleeping next to a horse, would you say that he needs to find a woman?"

If I got an X-mas card from someone like that, I would be afraid, very afraid.

Miriam Bertram

Hanna, You probably still have your poster that says "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle".


Miriam, never heard of this poster. I don't have anything against men. Been married to one for almost 28 years. Ours is of mutual love and respect and support and of respecting different interests (I am a political junkie, he hates politics).

When people cannot comment on the merit of others - and I have never been admirerer of Sanchez - they resort to comments about imagined sexual needs and, for women, always, hormonal imbalance. Oh, and of needing "help."

Gus Gomez

This little side discussion is great (I agree with Hanna), but we really do need a new person to represent us in Congress. Can anyone suggest any Democrats?

Please. Loretta, despite her cat, is a do-nothing Congresswoman.


Gus, how about Lou Correa? I doubt that he is happy being a supe these days.

Blue Collar Conservative

Ken Maddox might be a name to throw into the Loretta Sanchez challengers mix. With a little coaxing by the County GOP leaders and NM, I am sure he would take a good hard interest.

Of course, the real decision is made by NRCC and it will take a lot of convincing for them to spend cash in this expensive seat.

Fiscal Hawk

I can't stand neither Sanchez or Correa, why cant Joe Dunn mount a primary campaign against Sanchez? I would love to see that fight!

gus gomez

I'll take Correa or Dunn over Sanchez and I'll make a political donation of $500 to whomever declares first.

I'm also suspect of any candidate that seeks Sanchez's endorsement.

It's amazing we replaced Wacko Dornan with Wacko Sanchez.

beach barbie

Ken Maddox got more votes in Loretta's district than she did. But he isn't hispanic so why would they support him?

Gustavo Arellano

Um, Latinos aren't such idiots that they'll support a candidate just because of their ethnicity. Look at what happened with Nativo Lopez. Latinos, like gabachos, are idiots in that they'll vote for the candidate with the prettiest campaign. Comida for thought: If the Republicans really wanted her out, they could.


Loretta Sanchez has no problem finding a man. She fishes where she works.


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