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December 05, 2005


Robbie Haglund

Come Wednesday morning, the "analyst" who came up with those figures should be out of a job. "Based on pure mathematics" he has found that John Campbell, who got 46% of the vote in the primary, while running against 8 other republicans, will take 39% of the vote on Tuesday?!

Let me get this straight, Campbell is losing 7% of the vote he got in the primary and not receiving any votes from the other 8 Republican candidates who lost?

Now maybe this is because I'm in my first year of community college and haven't had a chance to take "Creative Mathematics" yet, but it seems a little off to me.

This is the kind of math that Democrats do. This is why it is not a good idea to put them in charge of anything important.

Phil Paule

Jim Gilchrist must have passed his Bong to Steve Young during the KFI debate, if Young thinks he has a chance.


I not going to vouch for the math, but simply put, there is a possibility John Campbell will not match his level of support in the primary. The Gilchrist TV and radio ads hit the airwaves only 2 weeks before the primary election, thus most absentee ballot voters were not aware of who Gilchrist was exactly before voting early. This time around, they do, particularly with a rather widespread round 2 of Gilchrist ads all over talk radio and Gilchrist making a good number of recent appearances on Fox News, CNN, KFI, Hannity, etc.

By now, everyone has questions about Campbell's sincerity about fighting illegal immigration, and if he will even consider standing up to Bush against his guestworker/amnesty plans (doubtful). So it comes down to if illegal immigration is an important issue among most voters (if not, Campbell fares better; but if so, Gilchrist should make gains), and how many are motivated to vote. If voter participation is high, the Campbell percentage of the vote goes down. Really, I don't think anyone can tell right now.

Robbie Haglund

There were 8 other Republicans running against Campbell when he got 46%. That means 8 other people with an "R" next to their names. You really don't think it will make a difference at the polls when people get in the booth and see an R next to Campbell and no one else? You don't even think it will make enough of a difference for Campbell to keep his 46%? Wow...

People who don't keep up with politics the way we do still vote. There will be many who go to the polls and simply mark next to the Republican.

Of the people who have been keeping up with the race, they may be doubting that Campbell will be tough on illegal immigration, but they are also doubting Jim Gilchrist's sanity.

Somehow, to you, this adds up to Campbell getting less than 46%?! That is insane. And we will see just how insane it is by tomorrow morning at the latest.

I'm going to vote right now for Campbell (as four family members and my significant other already have). Good look 3rd party wackos.


Phil, I like how "Bong" was capitalized, as though Uncle Jimmy actually named his bong "Bong".

Regardless, I like Steve Young's optimism and the fact that he isn't afraid to talk about things aside from immigration...that "debate" was a joke, especially with the 15-minuteman ceaselessly changing the subject back to immigration. Mad props to Steve Young for confronting Uncle Jimmy on that. Thumbs down to "Jon With Ken", as the show should be called, for not actually hosting a real debate, as advertised, and for allowing the "Check out my new naked-chick mud-flaps" audience to be so vocally in favor of JimG and not even giving Steve Young proper respect, or even voice.

Regardless, John Campbell wins with 69%...no way JimG actually took votes from Senator Campbell, when JimG was the only opponent of Campbell's who looked more stupid this time around than the first time.

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