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December 08, 2005


Who is going to propose a bill that does not include guest workers? Tancredo won't get any support from the establishment or their minions. The Democrats get their districts' population to increase which helps in redistricting, the unions see a new source of members, the GOP business interests get cheap labor and pressure to limit wage increases, the GOP politicos hope for hispanic votes and those that have loaned money to Mexico see remittances as Mexico's major source of income (a close second to oil revenue).
Gilchrist did well but not good enough. I hope John Campbell keeps his commitments regarding this issue.

Allan Bartlett

Do you honestly think John Campbell will vote against the conference report? He's in hoc to Bush/Cheney for that 125k fundraiser two weeks before the election. Speaking of conference reports, did anyone else listen to Tom Tancredo on J&K yesterday on the White House strategery on this issue for next year? They don't want the House taking any votes on all the other immigration plans floating out there. They want an enforcement only bill from the House. The Senate will then pass the McKennedy amnesty bill. Then in conference the final bill to take shape will have an amnesty guest worker provision....Presto. Democrats all vote for final passage along with the White House peeling off twenty or so open border amnesty sell out Republicans. Thanks for playing. GOP base stays home in 2006 giving the Democrats back power.

Powder Blue Report

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