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December 01, 2005


Phil Paule


One of the things you can't do during a heated campaign is stop taking your medication.

On Tuesday you will get 11% of the vote.

Your 15 mins are up. The sad thing is that no one will report your wacky thoughts anymore. Us BLOGGERS will have to get our material somewhere else.


I'm not so sure anymore. The 48th is literally papered with Gilchrist signs, and KFI's John and Ken (who are #1 in drive time) are mercilessly pounding Campbell for his equivocation on illegal immigration.

There are many people out there who don't know how much of whack-job Gilchrist is who will vote for him next Tuesday. I still think Campbell will win, but it Gilchrist will do better than 11%.

Robbie Haglund

MrWhipple is right. I wouldn't underestimate John and Ken's flock. They've practically devoted the last 2 months of the show to Gilchrist. Their loyal listenership is comprised largely of the passionate yet severely uninformed - make that misinformed. Their audience will actually believe the commercials Gilchrist has been putting out. Campbell led the fundraising against drivers licenses for illegals... but somehow Gilchrist's camp interpreted that as John Campbell supporting the licenses.

Gilchrist took 14% in the special primary. He won't take less this run around. I give him up to 25%. Campbell will obviously keep his 46% and we can safely add 70% of the votes that went to other various Republican candidates. When all is said and done, Campbell will take at least 57%, Gilchrist will be wishing he was still in charge of the minutemen, and Steve Young can go back to suing people and refusing to pay child support.


Hey Phil, look at the bright side: After Tuesday, you'll still have the Governor's office to 'provide you material'.

Weren't you one of those 'Republican leaders' who told us that if we supported McClintock 'a liberal would end up in control of the Governor's office'?

Hah! Looks like you were right! I supported McClintock, and now a gay pro-death Dem hack is in charge of the Executive Branch!

You're so danged smart it's scary!!


Hey Robbie.

There's only one problem with your numbers.

The most recent 'snapshot' was on primary day, and Campbell barely cleared 35% in that poll.

Jim Gilchrist garnered over 25% that day.

Equations that start with faulty numbers end up with faulty conclusions.

I'm not saying that I think JG will win, but that doesn't make me stop wishing he would. It would be worthwhile just for the humility it would teach Republican elected officials and consultants. And it would bring further attention to an issue that definitely needs alot more attention....real attention, not the mere lip service we're getting from the current crop of Republican leaders.


The source for my screen name is below:

“These people are clearly members and rooted in our community. They’re going to stay here every bit as much as you or I are going to stay here.” -John Campbell, OC Register

“Illegal immigrants should be given the same benefits as everyone else…” - John Campbell, OC Register

Those quotes and others, taken with the fact that in the Assembly, John Campbell voted to give in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens, AND voted to allow Mexican-issued ‘Matricula Consular’ cards to be used as identification in California, make it clear that Campbell supporters have been sold a bill of goods!

Allan Bartlett

John & Ken singlehandedly brought down Judge Ronald Kline a few years ago and came within a whisker of taking down David Dreier by backing a lesbian socialist over him. Campbell made a huge political mistake IMO by not going to the Monday debate. They are going to hammer Campbell now if he wins for the next year. Is it all worth it? I don't think it is, but Dave Gilliard obviously disagrees. One more thing, John Campbell is lying when he says that Gilliard did not put him up to this to not show up Monday. John & Ken smoked him out on their show yesterday by offering to provide a helicopter for transportation down to Laguna Woods because John is going to be up in Glendale at KRLA's studios doing the Hugh Hewitt show. They have taken away all his excuses. This race is indeed getting interesting. Oh and John & ken did officially endorse Jim Gilcrist yesterday.

Powder Blue Report

Phil Paule


I think all the kiddie porn on his computer brought down Judge Kline not John & Ken.

After reading yours and Campbellamnesty posts I believe I did did have my Gilchrist number wrong. He will get 11.2%


I bet your employer is medicated about now, ain't he Phil?

He's probably ready to excommunicate the whole danged party!

Been kind of a bad week for CA compromisers...

Allan Bartlett

I have one thing to add to my last post. Who gets paid when John Campbell gets hammered all next year by John & Ken and has another costly election? That's right, Dave Gilliard. Who gave Campbell the advice not to show up Monday...Dave Gilliard. Campbell is getting bad advice IMO. Follow the money. I guess if were Dave and I wanted to get paid, I would give the same advice.

Powder Blue Report


Let's not forget that our friend Phil admitted in this space (under pressure) that he is also into the Campbell payroll for five figures...

Hey, it's all job security, I guess!

Phil Paule

Dear Dave

Allan has caught us. He found out our great master plan to bilk Campbell out of millions by not having him go on the J/K Gilchrist show.

All I have to say is GO USC SATURDAY !!!!

Allan Bartlett

Hey hey now, that was a low blow on UCLA. This is my theory...USC is like John Campbell, a huge favorite going into the game. If UCLA pulls the upset Saturday, that might be a harbinger of what's to come next Tuesday for Campbell.

P.S. You never told us Phil how your boss's effort are coming along to kick Tom Tancredo out of the GOP.

Powder Blue Report

Jeff Flint


Once again, if you are going to imply Dave Gilliard is offering his client bad advice to Dave's own financial gain, then I hope you can substantiate that claim. I certainly would never imply that you gave a client bad financial advice to enrich yourself.


Phil Paule

Let me put it this way Allan. On the way back from the Campbell swearing in ceremoney in DC, I will be taking a little side trip to Colorado.


I'll predict Gilchrist for 15%, with Cohen and Tiritilli splitting another 3%, and Young coming in at 25%. Campbell takes the rest.

Oh, and it's a good thing Gilchrist hadn't seen Soylent Green recently.



How would Dave Gilliard even financially gain at this point by giving Campbell bad advice? It's not even a good conspiracy theory unless the object of the conspiracy makes sense.


Allan Bartlett


I am entitled to my opinion because that's what it looks like to me. I have no insider knowledge of what's happening. By Campbell not going to next Monday's debate, he is going to get pounded on by John & Ken for the entire next year. That will probably necessitate Campbell raising millions to defend himself and Dave is probably going to be the beneficiary of that. I'm not implying anything evil or sinister about it, just that Dave is going to be able to bill some nice hours and commissions off of it. I'm glad he's making bank off of Campbell, more power to him. It certainly is going to make for more entertaining radio also for the next year.

Powder Blue Report


John Campbell is going to raise millions as a Congressman in order to raise his leadership profile and gain clout.


Jerry Amante

Sorry Gentlepeople...I can't resist ! John Campbell gets between 60 -70% Tuesday ! Gilchrist's signs, like all signs, don't win campaigns and voters in the 48th are aware of John, what he stands for, what he has done for us and what he brings to Washington ( Sorry Allen ) On the other hand, UCLA does pull the upset by 3 on a last minute kick in a knock down, drag out offensive food fight tomorrow ( Sorry Phil, John, and the rest of my friends from Troy ) ending this Three- Pete thing... ( Sorry, Pete, Matt, Reggie, et al. !!! GO BRUINS !!!


C'mon. If the Bruins win by three they're gonna have to score 52 points. Does that seem plausible?


Hey "campbellamnesty", here's some food for thought:

“Will I say ‘deport them all!’ No I will not make that stand, will I suggest repatriation, probably, will I back…I’m …I’m…I’m teetering.” (Interview with John Earl of the O.C. Organizer, 06-14-05)

“Uh…somebody that’s been here for twenty years, never done anything wrong, hell no! No there would have to be a time limit.” (Interview with John Earl of the O.C. Organizer, 06-14-05)

Those are quotes from Uncle Jimmy, not even 6 months ago.

As for KFI...why the hell would John Campbell want to go to a "debate" with Jon & Ken? The last "debate" wasn't one at all. The mediators would be biased, and idiotic and blind to the facts. Face it, John Campbell does not need to debate JimG because not only has Uncle Jimmy backed out of multiple SCHEDULED debates against Campbell, but the 15-minuteman won't talk about anything but immigration. The only reason they even want him is so that they can boost their ratings. They would be completely unfair to him if he did go, as they have been to him on their show by not telling the truth. Plus, neither Uncle Jimmy nor Jon & Ken would talk about anything other than immigration. John Campbell has already been proven to be tough on immigration by his record in the State Assembly and Senate, whereas JimG has no tangible evidence that he will be hard on illegals. JimG is a one-issue candidate that isn't even sure of that one issue, as evidenced by his own words of supporting amnesty and Rollerball and whatnot.

Jim Gilchrist will not clear 10%...he has made himself into the biggest idiot of Orange County, and real Americans know to vote for the candidate that they can trust, the candidate that doesn't resort to lying outright and taking down signs to get even a measly 14%, the candidate that will not flip-flop like John Kerry--John Campbell.

In closing, here's one final JimG quote...remember people, the same "minuteman" who is "tough" on immigration:

John Earl: Okay, so in effect, you really are saying that you support some kind of amnesty?

Jim Gilchrist: Yes, a hybrid amnesty somewhat…yea…it’s not cut and draw...I have thought about this before what do you do with somebody that came here in 1955 and their still not a citizen and they’ve been here for 50 years? You gonna deport them? Well hell no!


Of course, today, UCLA was completely pummeled into submission by USC. (Being a Cal Bear, I go on the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" belief here.) And so will Gilchrist. Steve Young may be delusional but he has some of the liberal blogosphere working for him under the radar. I will go out on a limb and say that Steve Young gets as many votes as GIlchrist (which, for the record, is going to be about 15%). Watch the Young machine here: http://www.dailykos.com/tag/Steve%20Young

contaminated soil

Hey,if Campbell is not going to next Monday's debate, he is going to get pounded on by John & Ken for the entire next year!!

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