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December 29, 2005



The socialists, envirowackos and wackettes aren't embarrassed. Automobile manufacturers are EEEEEEVIL businesses that pollute the air and use fossil fuels. We don't need any of their blood money in our state!


we called em

Of course we are in constant contact. Our trial lawyers, work comp fraud perps et al contact them all the time.


You call yourself a conservative and you suggest that a government body outbid another government body to bring a private business to their area? What's wrong with this picture.

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Thank you very much. Let the smart folks of Alabama subsidize KIA.


giveaway raises a good point here. But the distinction needs to be made between fostering a pro-business, level playing field for everybody and the more insidious insinuation, by gov't, in things it ought not to be involved in.

Too often gov't gets itself entagled in the business of "economic development" taking sides and profiting individuals at the expense of others; exactly opposite to the proper role of government, in fact.

At the local level this generally means the internecine plunderings, income redistribution, and eminent domain activities of Redevelopment. The goal: putative sales tax revenues that go into the General Fund to pay for higher public employee salaries, benefits and bureaucratic spread.


How exactly does government foster a quote, pro-business level playing field without choosing winners and losers. Basic Economics 101 says that every major economic advance by society comes from people that are outside the mainstream when they start out. Giveaways like this only go to big shots who hire connected lawyers.


"How exactly does government foster a quote, pro-business level playing field without choosing winners and losers."

What? Didn't you read what I wrote?

Government fosters a pro-business, level playing field by getting rid of onerous, counter-productive regulations; by lowering taxes; by streamlining permit processes: FOR EVERYBODY.

The very act of picking winners and losers means that government has FAILED to provide a level playing field.

Those entrepreneurial geniuses "outside the mainstream" you learned about in Econ 101 are most likely to thrive in an environment where small businesses do best -- where capital and start-up costs are most affordable.


Change of topic -- Insights on the federal grants directed to the OCWD via Fienstein would be appreciated. Will the natural improvements proposed for the Santa Ana river basin affect the also proposed 57 freeway expansion down that corridor to the 405? Thanks.

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It's called Rural Outsourcing. google it.


The funding for projects along the Santa Ana River watershed doesn't really affect the proposed boondoggle of building a collapsible freeway over our only major flood control channel. There's still absolutely no potential source of funding for this billion dollar moneysucker. No money in the Measure M extension, no money in any conceivable Caltrans budget, and the private parties who had a franchise concluded long ago that they wouldn't even risk design money without bellying up for a handout from the gummint trough.

The impracticality of this project doesn't stop OCTA from wasting money on studies, but there's probably no force of nature that could stop OCTA from wasting money.

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