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November 29, 2005


Phil Paule

Tonight the Gov took a knife and stabbed the 1.6 million Californians ( Reps, Dems & Others ) that signed the Recall Petition in the back.

Phil Paule

I am going to bed now, when I wake up I am sure that Bob Mulholland will have been named Deputy COS

Gray Davis Recall RIP

Silence Dogood

I'm honestly thinking I may end up with a foot in my mouth from laughing at the possibility of a primary challenge. And I'm almost at the point of wanting it there.


It's time to draft Dennis Mountjoy for Governor. He will hold Arnold's feet to the fire.


I don't think Dennis Mountjoy could hold a marshmallo to a fire, let alone Arnold's feet.

Silence Dogood



I think you fail to see the power of the "I don't want to wear a motorcycle helmet" contingency that is out there... depending on turnout, Mountjoy could just take it...

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