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November 02, 2005


Laguna Niguel Republican

Great to see Pat Bates, our first Mayor, running for the Board of Supervisors. She has always been a very thoughtful and effective representative, the exact opposite of her self-aggrandizing opponent, Cassie DeYoung.

Bates is Greats

Pat Bates is one of the most intelligent and hard working members of the Orange County political class.

• She has the smarts of Todd Spitzer without the overbearing ego.

• She has the victim’s rights credentials of Mike Corona without the extra curricular actives.

• She has the conservative credentials of Chuck DeVore without being Chuck DeVore.

The only knock on Pat Bates that sticks is that she has always hired notoriously weak staff. She can correct that problem the day she arrives on the 5th Floor by showing the current 5th District staff the route to the elevator and pressing the down button.

Pat's Website Sucks

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