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November 30, 2005



Hee hee! Yes, you guys are doing a bang-up job helping the gov with his "political common sense." Please do continue. It makes it so much easier for the rest of us.


I'm not sure I understand the outrage at the Governor's sudden leftward turn. The guy ran originally as 49% Democrat anyway. We were told by a lot of establishment Republicans that the 51% portion was our best bet and that a vote for McClintock was a wasted vote. Some of us wasted our votes anyway and never expected too much from Arnold.

Silence Dogood

I'm with you there Mr. Zenger, but I've never considered my vote for McClintock a "wasted vote."

Matthew Cunningham

There's an old saying that "personnel is policy." It's one thing for a GOP Governor to reach out with policy initiatives that at least some Democrats can support.

But giving a career Democrat political operative the sole power to hire and fire staff? How many GOP policy minds do you think will make it into the Schwarzenegger Administration now?

Arnold is going to ask California Republicans to nominate him for Governor next June -- yet he turns his political operation over to a Democrat?

draft mountjoy

It time to draft Dennis Mountjoy for Governor.

el boracho

she looks qualified to me ... are you folks for Calif or not ...


Of course she's qualified - if your definition is broad enough to include lefty re-treads from the corrupt Gray Davis Secretariat.

Arnold's doesn't know who his enemies (or friends, apparently) are. These are the same people who jumped all over him during the recall campaign for his supposed history of sexual harrassment.

The governor's got his finger in the dike, but the dam's gonna burst anyway.

Gustavo Arellano

Ah, who cares if Arnold gets a Dem? I think the Davis and Schwarzy administrations have shown incompetence is the ultimate bi-partisan strategy--might as well unite them both!

do you know who ?

who made this site?

Blog Watcher

Waaaay back once upon a time electeds hired staff irrespective of the individuals affiliation. It is what is known as being professional and respecting one's talent. I guess those days are pretty much over in this era rabid partisanship. Jim Brulte spoke very highly of Susan Kennedy today. That should count for something.

Mario Scoma

I'm not sure what Arnold is thinking,( or is this really Maria's idea, after all).
Arnold has not kept his promises and this is aperfect example of what his real agenda has been all along.
He is a RINO and I wish Cal e fornians wake up in the next election and vote for Mc Clintock as they should have last time around. He is HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND CONSERVATIVE.


Susan Kennedy's talent lies in bankrupting the state of California. Maybe if you work for Oracle or any of the energy companies who successfully gamed the ridiculously flawed system she oversaw and defended (a system that we can also thank Jim Brulte for) you would have a good reason to appreciate her policy efforts, but the other 35 million Californians have just been given a good reason to consider moving to another state.

The only good thing I can see for Schwarzenegger from this hire is that she knows where Phil Angelides's skeletons are buried, and is now well placed to help unearth them during the 2006 campaign.



"she knows where Phil Angelides's skeletons are buried, and is now well placed to help unearth them during the 2006 campaign."

That's a good point. But many of Phil's skeletons have already been exhumed in previous attempts at public office.

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