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November 28, 2005



Silence, funny how both Baugh and Pringle are rumored to be on the short list to become the Governor's new chief of staff.

Arnold might be wise to hire one of them and take them out of the running to be a challenger.

Blog Watcher

I got an idea. Why doesn't Seiler run? He and his buddies have all the answers.


I'm throwing Will B. King's name in for Governor. At least he knows what he believes.

Thomas E. Tucker

I love starting the day with a good laugh.

Thanks for this.


Miriam Bertram

Arnold will lose to a Democrat if he pardons Tookie. I have had conversations with other grassroots Republicans, and they are saying they'll sit out the race if he does. I will sit out the race too. Hewitt had the right idea after the loss on the propositions, Arnold needs to go right/conservative, not left.


"Arnold will lose to a Democrat if he pardons Tookie."

The issue is not to pardon but to commute the death sentence, right?


so what will we do when he hires a gray davis dem to be his chief of staff?

Blog Watcher

I've heard that former Assembly Speaker Hertzberg is rumored to be on the COS short list for Arnold as well.

Miriam Bertram

Redperegrine: My bad. The issue is commuting a sentence for a man who murdered 4 humans and started the CRIPS gang. The interesting thing is that while Tookie has never admitted to being guilty, his attorney is only asking for commuting the sentence, not a pardon. So perhaps his attorney believes he is guilty.

Silence Dogood

Or, Ms. Bertram, it could just be easier to commute a death sentence than receive a full pardon.

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