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November 30, 2005


Tim Whitacre


Nothing "hysterical" about Bill Hunt's website.

What IS hysterical is that you give Tin Star any props at all.

What IS SAD is that only 15 of the original 86 friends and contributors that Mike Carona sold the badge and gun to, want to go through the formal training required to retain them.

What IS refreshing to see is Bill Hunt stating that NOBODY will buy a badge and gun, putting all potential contributors on notice that no special favors will be given in exchange for their financial support.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

anon ii

Was that community leader Tim Whitacre, speaking for other community leaders "Surf Lifesaving Assoc", Retired Drunk Driving Deputies, and Left-Handed Japanese Republican Woman of Southwest OC, speaking about the hysterical Hunt website? Tim, tell me Hunt's deputies didn't REALLY give a suspected DUI Hunt supporter (on his way home from a Hunt function)a ride home before arresting him??? Does the name Haidl ring any REAL LOUD bells????

Silence Dogood

The Governor's complete abandonment of conservative principles and the idea that personnel is policy has reminded me of what I felt after the Spanish threw out pro-American Aznar and elected anti-war communists a year and eight months ago. I feel betrayed by those who I thought were allies. I see cowardice. Disappointment...

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