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November 30, 2005


yr dude

Tookie gets clemency! Just wait and see.


Hey, lady. Susan Kennedy isn't sleeping with Arnold. She's sleeping with her proud lesbian partner, whom she married in 1999 in Hawaii.

No that it makes her any less pro-corp, she's a shill for the telecom business.

But I'm sure people on this blog are just shuddering about the "infiltration" of the statehouse!

You poor sad bigots.


What about not liking democrats is bigoted? I'll tell you what's bigoted, when democrats in Maryland throw inside-out oreos at Michael Steele. When democrats call Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom". When JC Watts is called "not black enough" by high-up liberal activists...

I have no idea how much Courvoisier Arnold had on election night, but his hangover is obviously still lingering, and will linger over California for a while to come if Ms./Mrs. Kennedy has anything to say about it...


I'm not sure which is funnier: RepublicanAnna's open letter, or Snacker not understanding what a metaphor is.




The Michael Steele oreo tossing story is unsubstantiated; recent reporting suggests that the original source for the story is less-than iron clad.

Moreover, JC Watts departure from Congress seems to have had for more to with his treatment by Republicans than by Democrats.

Jubal runs a clean, conservative blog. Let's all help by keeping to the facts when we can, and being clear when we are venting or repeating rumours.


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