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November 30, 2005



Geez! I just wasted 10 minutes of my valuable time sending Morrow an email voicing my displeasure after reading the previous post. Then I come back to check the blog and get this update.

Awesome! The MSM news stories on this should be a hoot to read (on Friday). Dang slow pokes.


From Sen. Morrow's release:

"The Senator's efforts in the California Legislature blend his strong fiscal conservatism, commitment to traditional family values, respect for justice, support for business and working people, tough-on-crime attitude, and compassion for senior citizens, children, and the needy."

Word has it that Sen. Morrow's unendorsement had to do with Harman not having "strong fiscal conservatism," "commitment to traditional family values," and "support for business and working people."


What is the billing rate at Coronado Communications for bogus press releases?

Silence Dogood



Certainly is looking like Harman was elected in 2000 on a fluke.

Jeff Flint


This incident is practically screaming for a "power of the blogosphere" comment from you.

I eagerly await it.


Allan Bartlett

Excellent point Jeff. I hope the RINOs understand that their days of slipping through GOP primaries are over in OC because of the blogosphere. That goes for supposedly "non partisan" offices also. I still remember the day the news came out that Christy Christich endorsed Bill Clinton in 1996 and had a fundraiser for him. That would have saved you Jeff Flint a lot of heartache probably because she would have been forced to drop out of the race.

Powder Blue Report

reality check

A real broker wouldn't send an email trumpeting such a minor accomplishment. It's like waking someone up who fell asleep on the train tracks. Or maybe I'm wrong and Jon will send another email to demonstrate just what an accomplishment it really was.


I think Roscoe's posts, and the consequences of those posts, speak for themselves.

Perhaps Tom Harman can save some face by publicly denouncing the Susan Kennedy appointment.

Kyle Moore

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