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November 30, 2005


Allan Bartlett

OMG! This is not the way to open a conservative primary campaign for Congressman by endorsing a known RINO. Howard Kaloogian and Mark Wyland must be estatic right now. I really have to question Sen. Morrow's judgement with this endorsement. Maybe Phil Paule can answer this question...wasn't Bill Morrow's close ties to unions one of the big factors in his primary loss to Darrell Issa back in 2000?

Powder Blue Report

Mark Brainard

One failed fundraiser endorses another. Word is Morrow has almost $12 raised for his congressional bid. Is this the best Harman can come up with? And to characterize Bill as energetic is a joke....Eeyore has more energy than Bill these days.

It was Darrell's money that was the reason for the loss. Morrow was outspent and out campaigned. Will history repeat itself in this special election between Wyland and Morrow?

Um... Wyland isnt running for congress


Wyland should run now that Morrow has sold us down the river.

Jim Righeimer

Lets see. Duke Cunningham pleads guilty to bribery.

A Republican Governor picks the past Executive Director of the Democratic Party as his Chief of Staff

and now Bill Morrow endorses Tom "the labor unions put me in office' Harman for Senate.

Its no wonder the public is disillusioned by the slime balls we have in office.

Silence Dogood

My favorite line from this press release?

"Furthermore, Harman also has broad based support from Independents and moderate Democrats, and will benefit from the Special Election’s 'open' system, which allows cross-over voters from other parties."

Harman's already telling Republicans he's going to screw them! This is coming from Coronado Communications, the same team that brought you National Embarassment Mayor Dick Murphy's re-election.

Mark Brainard

I hear with Duke's resignation and a pending special election, Wyland is reconsidering his decision not to run.

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