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November 07, 2005


burn baby burn ....

Military Genius

Is this the part where Chuck Devore talks about the point of fulmination?

anon ii

don't mess with unions, Ahhhhnold...we'll beat you!!!!

anon is the way of the internet

So if Arnold and the Unions had worked together the $200,000,000.00 could have been used to promote something good, as it stands now; they both lose.

While most will blame symptom, few will ever see the cause, IF Arnold had taken charge as a true governor and started cleaning house where he has the authority to do so, and then turned to others saying, well? The pressure to follow his lead would have been there.

Instead he tried to terminate everyone around him and wound up being Jesse Ventura II. As governor he could have frozen hiring, reduced probationary workers, and closed tons of tiny items, but instead he stole money, lied, and then tried to duck and weave. Just as most sequels are pale imitations of the original, how will we fare if he makes it as Gov II?

Consensus, is how one makes progress, it is always small steps, but 342 small steps will go someplace while rope-a-dope'm will put you in a circle.

While painting government employees as vile, gluttons with a perchance to ask for more, is okay, I have not notice many private sector types saying they can live with no raises, no benefits, and let the CEO's take it to the bank, laughing all the way.

Too bad both sides tried to make the other the scrape goat. I blame them both for the results. I do not fault public sector employees asking for, or getting rewards, any more that private sector employees who can do the same. Having walked in both boots, I can honestly say neither side is completely good, or completely evil, But what is evil , is those who would bad mouth them either of them for achieving what they have without having the honesty to find out the true facts.

The real losers is those who have depended on us to give them a goal to achieve, a way of life to live. So many young people will never see the benefits their fathers, grandfathers fought for, and gave up so much to get. Every time a hard fought for benefit departs because of greed, be in corporate or government, we all lose.

TO: Military Genius

That's "culmination."

But you can "fulminate" if you want.

Ironically, my regimental affiliation isthe 185th Armor with "Fulmen Jacio" as its Latin motto (I Hurl the Thunderbolt).

Fulmen is, of course, the Latin root of fulminate.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Now it's "Fulmen BS"!

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