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November 08, 2005


what are ur predictions jubal?

Allan Bartlett

I voted no on Measure D. There was a line at my polling place of 20 deep this morning. I'm hoping for good turnout here in OC. As far as my prediction on D, here it goes:

No 57.65%
Yes 42.35%

Powder Blue Report


Measure D loses -- as it should, it's like a battle between two sets of trust fund children -- these boys have plenty of our money already.

No: 55.5%
Yes: 44.5%

Blog Watcher

I voted for it. I'll take Allan's numbers only reversed.


I am grateful that the end is here and this blog will no longer be cluttered with the illogical and inane blatherings of the emergency service providers:

No: 52.6
Yes: 47.4

PS May I have a mug instead?

anon is the way of the internet

51.3 for
48.7 against

never underestimate the williness of the public to do what it does

OC Fire Storm

As usual, a number of fire stations are being used as polling places. Hopefully the voters will pick up a positive vibe and vote yes!

Phil Paule

Yes 48.7
No 51.3
Allan Bartlett Write In - 1 Vote

Joe Citizen

no 61.5
yes 39.5

redperegrine- blow me gently



Sorry, but no thanks, that job is already taken by your pals in the OCFA.

A propos: thanks to them now we can turn our attention to the "slush fund" they were talking about.


what are ur predictions jubal?

No 55.2%
Yes 44.8%


PS May I have a mug instead?

Yes, you may.

Phil Paule

If I win can I get a mug with Allan Bartlett's picture on it

GOPed in Lake Forest

no - 51.2
yes - 48.8


I voted first thing this morning - and I have to "give mad props" (or whatever the younguns are saying these days) to the volunteers who showed up at 6:50 with all the equipment after the originally-named Imperator (or whatever the polling place Head Cheese goes by) called the Registrar at 6:30 to cancel his involvement. They apologized to the 8-10 folks already waiting, then proceeded to get everything set up and running and started taking votes by 7:15.

The comedy of errors wasn't quite done yet, as one of the volunteers (at 20-something by far the youngest - and cutest, wink wink, nudge nudge - poll volunteer I've ever seen), when the first 5 people were voting, tripped over the power cord and unplugged the whole network. Some of my fellow voters got exasperated WAY too quickly (a couple snottily demanded paper ballots), and the not-very-technically-savvy volunteers struggled a little to get the system back up and running. They were on a cell phone to the Registrar, and I thought we might get treated to a visit from one of the three roving troubleshooting teams we read about yesterday. But they got the system working again in relatively short order and the voters resumed their business in a (mostly) orderly fashion after being made to wait an extra 6-8 minutes.

As thoroughly jaded as I tend to get with all the emotional politicking that (it seems to me) takes the place of the immensely more valuable principled and rational debating that could (and should) be going on, I found myself empathizing with the beleaguered volunteers, thanking them profusely as I left for work, and feeling a bit galvanized to perhaps help out next go-round. Without tooting my own horn too much, having a computer-savvy guy at the controls to the polling place's own MCP might not be a complete misallocation of space and oxygen.

Oh, I nearly forgot - I almost voted the LP party line (though I didn't know it was the party line until today, and it bore a very close resemblance to the GOP party line), and added Noes on three of the alphabet soup measures and an abstension on D.

D prediction, just to be contrarian:
No 48.55%
Yes 46.75%
Abstain 4.70%

Mark Brainard

I am working on a set of Beer steins; I won my first one from my Campbell race predictions. Maybe if I win this one Jubal will send me one with a picture of Phil and Allan together?
Measure D
Yes 45.9%
No 42.7%
I for one will be sorry to see the public safey kids off the blog. They have been refreshing alternative to us political hacks.

OCFA Rocks

I bet Jeff Flint wants it to end in a tie so they can do it all over again

John H. Holliday

No on Measure D: 57.2%

Yes on Measure D: 42.8%

Bill Hunt no position on D: 100%

Yes on D

The real loss after this election ends, regardless of what side wins, is that we will no longer have Sheriff Super Star Quint spewing his special brand of ridiculousness in public forums anymore.

Guess we will have to settle for Norby's occasional tirade instead...

Blog Watcher

Guess we will have to settle for Norby's occasional tirade instead...

Or his vast knowledge of high school mascots.


No: 63.2%
Yes: 36.8%


Measure D:

No: 66.0%
Yes: 34.0%

Now, off to the victory party for "No on Measure D"

Campbell Fan

Is today the day I vote on the tunnel?

OC Fire Storm

I for one will be sorry to see the public safey kids off the blog. They have been refreshing alternative to us political hacks.

Glad to see someone apprecaites us!

joe smoe

yes 59.2%
No 40.8%

if citizens know the facts they will vote yes on "D". Resident know scare tactics do not work.

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