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November 07, 2005


Blog Watcher

Maybe you should work for the firefighters BW...that's a heck of a distortion! You don't like our tactics and by the tone of your comments, you don't like cops in general.

Considering I have two cousins and a brother who are cops I guess you're right. I sort of feel sorry for you having become so paranoid. My relatives and sibling in law enforcement aren't like you? Is it something peculiar to OC, since the folks I mentioned work in LA. If Measure D passes, does that mean those supporting all don't like cops? That is a helluva of an absolute.

And yes. When someone runs what is in essence a smear campaign, those supporting it get painted with the same brush. Like it or not. The only group who sort of gets a pass is the media. Most people cherry pick their support of those positions when it is convenient. And their editorial pieces usually go from being read to the birdcage anyway.

GM. For someone who is so convinced of certain victory, you sure don't act like it. Is there something you know you might want to tell us?

And citizen you're right again. So much pithiness. So little time.

Blog Watcher

And how is it that the Republican Party is opposed to this. I'm a republican and no one asked me.

Green Machine


Maybe you oughta change parties...with all of your whining about us mean deputies not playing fair..you sound like Al Gore and the Dems!

Not to mention all that babble about the "intent of the voters" as if the OCFA is a bunch of mind readers...just do me a favor...don't start crying about disenfranchisement and hanging chads!

Rep Party

We didn't want to tell you- but we didn't ask you cause we all think you are a dipshit.

Blog Watcher

We didn't want to tell you- but we didn't ask you cause we all think you are a dipshit.

I went to a couple of committee meetings back in the 80's. Sorry if I didn't enjoy hanging out at an ugly convention that sat around mindlessly plotting to take over the world.

GM. If Measure D fails. Then I guess we'll both know about the 'will of the voters". And I knew it wouldn't take you to long to make a personal attack. It was only a matter of time.

You haven't been reading this blog if you don't think any of the conservatives are doing any whining. Just check out some of the posts regarding the falling poll numbers of the Governor's initiatives.

Allan Bartlett

Damn this thread has 24 comments and I still could give a rip about the cops versus the fireguys. It's a war of attrition now. Will you guys be able to shake hands when this is all over?

Powder Blue Report

anon ii

What a coincidence, Allan- we don't give a rip about you, either! We just pretend to like you because you want to get rid of the illegal immigrants.

How about those Bruins?

OC Fire Storm

Heck, Allan,

We're gonna take up residence at the Powder Blue Report!

elliot N.

Does anyone really believe Quint has the authority to let inmates out. If you do, then I am very disappointed with you guys, all of you all this time you have been claiming to be will informed.


John H.Holliday

O-CRV Firestorm,

I figure the total weight of the signs your side has stolen have a CRV value of upwards of $39. Any chance you splitting the proceeds with the deputies?

Newsflash! Check this out :

See the get out of debt training bulliten The Joekerr is sending to his OC fire-minions!.

Blog Watcher

Hey Elliot.

That is not what Quint said. He said when inmates are going to be released they would be released in Joe Kerr's neighborhood.

I listened to the comment on the Supes website. The tone of the statement in Quint's voice was more about making a threat. Anyone could see (or hear) that.

elliot N.

"The tone of the statement in Quint's voice was more about making a threat. Anyone could see (or hear) that"

Why didn't you run out and lock your doors then?

Once again, I thought you were smarter then that...I guess I was wrong.

Blog Watcher

Because the threat was made with the scenario of Measure D passing.

And I'm smart enough to stay inside and lock my doors. Running out would leave me on the wrong side of the door, wouldn't it?

I'm trying to figure out why 95% of the posts going back a month on the powderblue report have absolutely no comments.

And what's a bruin doing in Central Orange County (Irvine is "central" I don't care how much those guys want to believe they're in South County), doesn't he know that Orange County is USC territory? Bruin fans should be restricted to the West side and the Republik of Santa Monika.


Allan Bartlett


Feel free to comment on my blog. I only average about 70 hits/day. Only a small percentage of readers ever comment. As far as OC being a Trojan haven, I will have to agree with you on that.

Powder Blue Report

Honestly, the Sheriffs should be embarassed to have Wayne Quint as their president and spokesman. His display not only at the board of supes, but at every public debate resemebled the insane ramblings of a 1960's lobotomy recipient gone horribly wrong.

But hey, it's your union. Do with it what you will. You get to deal with the consequences of having that as your public face.

anon ii

We will. We like winning. Thanks for the input.

Hey anon. I would like to know what you won?

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