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November 03, 2005


Since the firefighters have out spent the cops and since people like firefighters better than they do cops, especially the motor cops who give tickets all day, I think the firefighters may have the upper hand.

Does anyone have polling?

Oh yeah, if they win does it really matter that they owe? I would think it would look worse to lose and have money left in the war chest. If I were a cop, I would be wondering if spending it all would it have made a difference in the out come.

Of course, if you keep some back and still win then you look like a hero to the troops.

Green Machine


I'm glad you think we've won! But be careful, the firefighters might cry foul and allege the election was rigged because you've delcared the winner!

Green Machine

You miss the point anonymous. They didn't just spend all their money...they spent more than they had!

That is symptomatic of their ongoing ability to spend beyond their means!

Vote No On Measure D


You bring up a good point. But what if the firefighters win? What's to stop them from coming after 10% more in a couple of years?

And do you have a link to prove their indebtedness. You don't think anyone is going to just take your's or Sarge's word for it, do you?

Anyone who has been in politics knows PsyOps is alive and well.


Just like I thought. More bluffing from the cops.

No proof. With all the blatant falsehoods from that side of the campaign we're just supposed to believe them unconditionally.

I don't think so.

I hope they're better at police work than they are here.

More low road tactics.

Green Machine

Click on the Tinstar link (on the right under "Orange County Blogs") and ask Sergeant to post a link to the information. He references the firefighter's most recent 460 disclosure statement as his source.

He may have his own political slant on the topic, but he is pretty good about checking his facts.


I've got a better idea. How about you tell him.

I'm not the one making the claim.

Voting For D in OC

Well, if the firemen are broke, it's because they've had better mailers and commercials than the cops! I saw their commercial the other day...it looks first rate! I suppose they had a professional studio do it. The cops’ looks like a Jr. High film class did theirs!

Does it really matter how much they spent as long as they win? From everything I hear and see, it looks like they are winning, so I guess it’s money well spent!

Green Machine

I'm not the one crying about the validity of the statements. You want confirmation..go get your own.

As for you earlier statement "Does it really matter how much they spent ..."

No wonder you guys are always asking for more money! You never know when to stop spending!


Well GM. Maybe things are different in your line of work.

But in my line of work, the onus of proof of validity is upon me when I make a statement. Anyone whose ever taken a high school english composition class knows that.

Lacking any proof from you, I can surmise your statement is BOGUS!!.

The majority of your campaign has been BOGUS, so I guess I shouldn't expect anything else.

Green Machine

I could bring you original documents and your twisted version of the world would find a discrepancy...but don't worry, the truth will come out and just for the record, I said Tinstar posted the financial information....and that fact is backed up by a simple click of the tinstar link on this weblog.

OC Fire Storm

Green, Green, Green...

I'm not the one crying about the validity of the statements. You want confirmation..go get your own.

So, we're supposed to take you word and Serge's word? Why not just have Serge post a link? What's the big deal? Sorta like when Serge posted the claim that Corona and Rack PLEDGED to raise 100K to the D campaign. Has that money come in yet? Heck, now that I think about it, they don't have to raise it, they can just get it from that alleged mobster that Corona took money from!

Your comment about making us go get it on our own is very telling. You’re getting frustrated and running out of steam, just like your campaign. Maybe if we've spent more it's because we've had better stuff like that person above noted.

It's not unusual for statewide campaigns to be hundreds of thousands in debt when all is said and done. Heck, presidential campaigns are often millions in debt. OC is a rich county, so if we had to spend our members’ money to make things happen, what do you care?

See Video of Sheriff Corona Promising Funds to Fire Fighters. Amazing!


I did go to Tin Star's website. I didn't see any links just more text. How do I know he didn't make it up like a lot of the 'facts' in your campaign?

I can write a lot of things. But I would put links in to where I can find them so that others can verify the validity.

It shouldn't be too difficult for you or Sarge to do the same.

I'm sorry if someone asking you to prove your point is so problematic.

Green Machine

its only problematic for you...I simply pointed out the fact that it was posted on Tinstar...who by the way has posted several financially related disclosure details and has NEVER been proven wrong.

I would also like to see the actual statements....they'd make a great photo for a new blog topic! I suspect you'll get your proof soon enough!

OC Fire Storm

So, when we win we'll be in debt, when you lose, you'll still have some cash.

Either way you look at it, sounds like a win-lose in our favor.


You mean like the links Tin Star has on his website that show how passage of Measure D will eliminate deputies and cause 911 calls to go unanswered?

Like those kinds of facts?

I'm not a trial attorney. But if those are the types of proofs you use in an arrest I bet I could have my client on his way home by lunch time, and that is even if the case went to trial.

Someone else asked what ballot language was thrown out. You never answered. I based my vote (absentee) on the language that was there. It looks to me like that tactic backfired. Because like everything else in this campaign, the firefighters arguments, mail pieces, and TV ads were far superior.

I don't know what the purpose of posting bogus info. But it has no bearing on the merits of how to vote. And it wouldn't have changed my mind.

But heck, if you it makes you feel good or superior to the opposition, who am I to get in your way?

Green Machine

Tinstar may have his own opinion on the facts, but his financial disclosure information has been accurate...are you saying the firefighters haven't outspent their available funds?

OC Firestorm...you forgot the last scenario, you know...the one where you lose and still owe money!

PBinLH..you're a firefighter supporter if not a firefighter yourself..so quite frankly your opinion doesn't hold any more sway than mine.

Tuesday will come soon enough and then we'll see who was right. Until then, you're opinion of whose flyer is more appealing is just more smoke (no pun intended).


GM. I don't know the financial picture of the firefighters. And judging by the lack of proof, neither do you.

As far as being a supporter. I'm not embarrassed to admit it. I voted for Prop 172 thinking it would add firefighters and police officers. Apparently in OC that hasn't happened. The idiots here are the Supes. They have hidden behind the deputies union because of incompetence. And nothing against you, but I believe you've been played like a Stradivarius. The counter initiatives were an insult to any learned individual.

Whether the majority of voters agree with me remains to be seen.

But as has been posted here, in my mind the firefighters took the high road and haven't engaged in any mud slinging. Your glee in detailing their alledged financial picture is nothing but mud slinging and only convinces me that win or lose I made the right choice.

And when I see future endorsements for both groups, guess which one I will consider more worthwhile?


And good night.

Typical Sarge Lies

As usual....Sarge distortions and half truths. Sarge posts contributions received and money spent but so what? If the FFs started with $200,000 in the bank and spent $200000 more than received than spent this year then they end up with no money in the bank, but that means they laid it all on the table. Anyone with 200000 left in the bank today couldnt spend it all in the last few days. Look at what Jubal said today he got three contacts from the FFs and nothing from the cops so it sounds to me like the FFs are hitting at the right time.

Green Machine

There's no glee in finding the firefighters have overspent again....in fact its rather sad. I read a worthwhile op-ed piece in the OC Register and the rhetoric on both sides is far from admirable. I don't deny that, but any attempt by the firefighters to claim the high road is just plain wrong. Just because they can put a pretty face on their attempt to grab money they don't need is as low as any perceived attacks by AOCDS.

If you're curious, here's the link:


Coto Resident

I don't know Mr. Kerr, but I hear he lives in Coto. Well, so do I. I take offense to the Sheriff's Union president saying he's going to dump inmates in Mr. Kerr's neighborhood, which as stated, is also my neighborhood. Is the sheriff union president also a deputy sheriff? If so, he should be punished for him comments. Is he speaking for the sheriff’s department as well as his union?

I hope the Sheriff and the Board of Supervisors takes some kind of action against this man. The fact that he would say such things on the record during a public meeting shows his stupidity. Public records live for ever. I suspect his comments will come back to bite both him and the sheriff. I will be awaiting his apology.


Hey GM,

I listened to the audio. Kerr's remarks were directed at the Board. And I agree with him. This Board caused this to happen.

Quint's remarks were directed at Kerr.

The Register doesn't like either of you, so who cares what they think?

Looking at the campaigns tells me who has taken the high road, and who hasn't.

Sorry, you lose.

Maybe you'll have better luck on Tuesday.


And I loved the comments by the Bob McCloud guy.

He admits the Prop 172 revenues were divvied up via a back room deal away from public scrutiny.

I wonder if the firefighters are getting a copy of that audio? I know I would.

You never know when remarks like that will come in handy.

Green Machine, if you are so concerned about the firefighters going into debt over D (allegedly), have you expressed the same concern to the CTA over 75?

What isn't a lie in the No on D campaign is a fabrication, what isn't a fabrication is a smoke screen and what isn't a smoke screen is a diversion, and what isn't a diversion is misplaced fear.

Your campaign is almost as sad as the opinion the general public has for the Orange County sheriffs. Either way... you guys are going to have to live with that.

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