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November 03, 2005


Green Machine

You forget the biggest distortion...you know...the one where OCFA is broke and can't afford new equipment...like the 4 Hazmat Trucks they just got.

Please don't lie to the public and act as if you've been underfunded. You've been given more than enough money...you are simply greedy overspenders and no matter how you spin it, that is the reason you will lose.

OC Fire Storm

the 4 Hazmat Trucks they just got

Green, we talked about this on the other blog. The haz mat vehicle is to be received via a Department of Homeland Security grant; we didn't use our funds for it. Because WMD is a threat, we qualified for the grant. Also, we're NOT getting four vehicles, JUST ONE. The vehicle is called Haz Mat 4 because it's at Station 4. That may be why you think we're getting four vehicles, or you could just be stretching the truth (again.)

Keep your facts straight.

biggest lies according to the no camp -
"Yes on D is campaigning in Garden Grove" & "Yes on D paid for signature gatherers"

In other words campaigning county wide for a county wide measure and paying for signature gathering (instead of coaxing the BoS to put 3 competing initiatives on the ballot) are the Yes on D lies.

biggest distortion - "You got 4 new trucks"

Turns out it is only 1, and not paid for out of general fund...

The biggest lies and distortions come from your "No, this 77 million is accounted for, and we are going to lose 210 deputies, no one will answer 911 and life as we know it will end on Nov. 9th" side of things.

Please, shouldn't you be keeping the kids of fellow deputies out of trouble? Clearly politics is not for you.

Green Machine

The four trucks I refered to were brought to my attention by an OCFA fire captain...and he was very specific about FOUR trucks...never mentioned Hazmat 4.

The fact that you can get even one truck via homeland security money is evidence that you can get other things as well.

The point I was making is that Homeland Security supplements many things applicable to both fire and law...the money saved initially earmarked for those items can be put to use in other areas.

Be creative and use a sound fiscal management policy and you won't need to cry poor!


Hey GM. Does the OCSD get any monies from the DHS? And if so, how is it used?

Is this the point where Sarge chimes in about the bright shiny trucks owned by firefighters?

And since he mentioned it, is Sarge attracted to shiny objects in general?

Afraid in Coto

What is this rumor about the sheriff releasing prisoners in our neighborhood (Coto) because someone he doesn't like lives here?

I want to know if this is true? Can he do that? Who do we call when the police are the ones attacking us?

Don't be afraid

Coto. Don't be afraid. Quint's behavior is typical of someone who knows that he's outspent the opposition over 2-1 and still knows he's losing.

When you're ahead and have confidence of your position, you don't need to threaten.

One of these groups has never been in the end zone before. Guess which one?

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