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November 03, 2005


Allan Bartlett

I just got home from work and found another NO on 77 hitpiece thinly veiled as "Urgent Message...New Polling Place Information" on the outside of the envelope. This was the same firm that sent out the "Jury Summons" piece a few days ago. I guess integrity is not part of their campaign. I also received four slate mailers with mucho mas propaganda for NO on 77, Yes on D, etc. What a waste of some trees.

Powder Blue Report

Jeff Flint

Once again, Jubal engages in "misleading" analysis by selective omission.

In the world of Jubal, every Yes on D ad is misleading, yet he has never once stated that every No on D ad is full of LIES. Not misleadinng statements, but lies.

210 deputies will NOT lose their jobs.

Funding for the sheriffs or DA's office will NOT be cut.

9-1-1 calls will NOT go unanswered.

The voters in Orange are smart, and if you believe the predictions of 40% turnout, it will likely be a highly educated electorate.

They will not only be able to see through the lies of the No on D ads, but will also be able to understand the difference between an endorsement of Measure D and the conclusion of a commission which supported the same policy ensconced in Measure D.


Jeff, Jeff, Jeff:

I'm not the one who's been complaining about misleading ads from the other side -- you have.

If you're going to claim that No On D ads are misleading, it's fair game to point it out when your ads are also misleading.

Admit it: the wording of the Yes on D blurb in the CA Club for Growth slate is intended to leave voters with the impression that Arnold supports Measure D.

Jeff Flint

Let me add another...if Measure D passes, prisoners will NOT be realeased early, not in Joe Kerr's neighborhood or anyones, despite the threat from No on D "spokesthug" Wayne Quint.

Jeff Flint

Jubal, Jubal, Jubal:

When you only call the "Yes on D" ads misleading, then by omission, you are implying that the No on D ads are factual. They are in fact over the top false.

Admit it: Your bias against "D" has blinded you to even the pretense of objective analysis.


When you only call the "Yes on D" ads misleading, then by omission, you are implying that the No on D ads are factual. They are in fact over the top false.

As Mr. Spock would say, "Illogical."

Green Machine

Fire guys,

You are becoming way to sensitive. You've done a more than adequate job of pointing out the shadiness in the No on D advertisements.

Yet it took a judge to get you guys to remove the misleading wording in your ballot statement....I guess the old adage it takes one to know one is certainly appropriate here!

Jeff Flint


It is not illogical.

I propose a compromise... Post that the statements made by the No on D campaign (210 deputies fired, early release prisoners, etc etc) are false, but despite this, you still support the "No" position, and I will never comment on this again.


Does "Flash" support D?

I was impressed, but confused to see a big article from Jon Fleishman on the Club for Growth piece. While it is true that his article was on cutting government spending (and pimping his website), he is the last person I would expect to see on a big mass mailing that includes a Yes on D.

Flash Supports

Well it is good to see that Flash does now support Measure D.


Exactly what language was removed that was misleading. I would like to know.

Flash Supports


The only reason I ask, is because it is well known the AOCDS filed a legal challenge and got its ass kicked in court. Badly. And I don't see any of the same material being used by the deputies, er Taxpayers for Safe Streets (are there any Taxpayers for Unsafe Streets?) against the deputies. You know. Like the earnings of deputies, scare tactics, etc.

Who is taking the high road here, and who is slinging mud? From my perspective it is the folks with the stars slinging mud. You must be very proud.

Green Machine, It takes one to know one? Honestly, that is what you've got for us?

Here, let me craft your next post for you -

"Let us also not forget the importance of Sticks and Stones, and furthermore offer a nany-nany billygoat to all who oppose us."

Could someone get this guy some Krispy Kremes?

Norby's Notes

This came today in Norby's latest newsletter.

Placentia and Buena Park are served by the OC Fire Authority and are represented on its governing board. Those residents must weigh potential improved fire protection against possible cuts to county services or increased fees. Whatever the voters decide, I will accept their decision as final, without engaging in post-election legal challenges.

The other side has already resigned themselves to losing. That much is clear.

And who can forget the memorable classic?

I know you are, but what am I?

OC Fire Storm

The other side has already resigned themselves to losing. That much is clear.

Yep, pretty bad when one of the strongest NO voices is softening the beach, letting his constituents know that he'll take the loss gracefully.

Corona promises Prop172/Measure B Funds to Fire Fighters

OC Fire Storm

...the shadiness in the No on D advertisements.


You're conceding that your advertising has been shady?

Corona promises Prop172/Measure B Funds to Fire Fighters


I have to agree with one of the posters on this board who observed the firefighters are taking the high road.

The Supes caused this mess, and found someone to stand behind.

Our county government is a joke. There isn't a leader amongst any of that group.


Man - after this whole Fire v. Sheriffs mudslinging cr*pfest, if there was a prop on the ballot that took the slice of 172 funds that Fire wants to get and the Sheriffs want to keep and bought CA Lotto tickets with it, I think I'd probably vote that way, just to piss 'em both off. Bonus if any possible proceeds from the Lotto tickets are used to pay down the Prop. 56 bond debt from last year.

Sheesh - act like adults, why dontcha?

OC Fire Storm

The Supes caused this mess…

Good point, PB. Those who watched the Measure D debate on KOCE or attended the last Supes meeting can tell Campbell is much more muted about Measure D. It appears he's also resigned himself to a loss.

Vote Yes on Measure D

See Video of Sheriff Corona Promising Funds to Fire Fighters. Amazing!


The issue is not yes or no on "D".

It's whether you thing it's good government to earmark funds for a particular purpose. I don't. What is the purpose of having budgets if everything is decided in advance?

I say repeal Prop 172, cut taxes, problem solved. Unfortunately that is not on this ballot. But Prop 76 IS. I will be voting YES on 76. Not that I think it's great, I would go much farther. But it's a start.

OC Fire Storm

What is the purpose of having budgets if everything is decided in advance?

Hmmmm...I guess you’ve never heard that a budget is a plan for how an organization, in this case governmental, will use its financial resources. Apparently you think government should just spend the money willy-nilly? If things weren't decided in advance, then why have a budget?

The issue is not yes or no on "D".

Yes it is.

See Video of Sheriff Corona Promising Funds to Fire Fighters. Amazing!

Green Machine

Sergeant on the Tinstar just posted the campaign financial statements for both the yes and no on measure D campaigns....wouldn't you know it. The firefighters overspent and have a deficit of over $200,000.

It should be no suprise to the voters that the fire fighters have spent more on their campaign than they have in their budget. What more would you expect from members of the OCFA. They blew their entire budget and overspent on their Taj Mahal. Then they cry poor and come after the prop 172 money.

Why bother giving them any prop 172 money...it probably wouldn't be enough and they'd just ask for more!


Hey Jubal, what makes you think Arnold isn't supporting the Yes on Measure D side?

After all, he played one in the movies and he had his picture taken with them last month after they put out the big fire in L.A.

Hey GM,

Does this mean you'll stop bellyaching? Now that you've won we won't have to listen to you or the firefighters anymore. Right?


Hey GM,

Do you have a link to that? The No on D campaign has made up so much, how do we know you aren't making this up as well?

Like Flint asked. Is no one going to call 911? Since that was the crux of your campaign, no wonder you have so money left.

That was one of the worst commercials I have ever seen in watching politics for 40 years.

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