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November 11, 2005



McClintock already set his sights higher - in the recall election -- and got my vote.


McClintock already set his sights higher - in the recall election -- and got my vote.


One of my best friends understood that McClintock was the most principled vote in the recall, but that only Schwarzenegger stood a chance at winning (hogwash, I said, and the exit poll approval ratings bore that out). His sights were set on a McClintock run against Boxer last year. Somebody forgot to tell McClintock.


I doubt that there are many members of the Legislature whose sights are NOT set higher than Lt. Governor.

Don't they all look in the mirror and see a Governor or higher?


I especially liked how he characterized the propositions. The man has a special talent.


This is the money quote to which I referred:

"that government should live within its means; that politicians shouldn’t chose who gets to vote for them; that teachers should demonstrate sustained competence before they’re granted lifetime tenure; that public employees have a right to decide for themselves what candidates they’ll support with their own money; and that parents have a right to know if their teenaged daughter is undergoing an abortion."


Tom will win the Lt. Governor's race in 2006 while we all hold our noses as Arnold either wins or loses.

The biggest choice Tom will have to make is when Elton Gallegy decides to retire in a few years.

If Flap were Tom I would come home to Thousand Oaks and run for Congress.


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It's a blue state. Do you really believe Tom will be LG after all the issues he supported got crushed? Gallegy's seat is perfect. He (like Campbell) will go to DC and never be heard from again.


Someone needs to explain to me exactly how McClintock would be more effective as lieutenant governor than as a member of the state senate. The CA LtGov has no power whatsoever — he's just sitting in his office waiting for the Gov to keel over. In the senate, McClintock has a voice.

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And when is going to win a senate seat at the federal level? If he runs against DiFi he's just another dead man walking. His best opportunity for higher office is when Gallegy retires. And then he'll be just another lone voice amongst 434 others. And it will be at least 10 years before he gets a leadership position assuming the GOP retains its majority.

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