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November 04, 2005


Phil Paule

I loved the part when he claimed that 140 current Members of Congress having filed bankruptcy.

The fact that he would not admit his 1992 bankruptcy when Hewitt had the court documents right in front of him, just shows what an outright liar and nut case this guy is.

Yes we need to fix the illegal immigration problems, but we don’t need a self appointed lying psychotic zealot like Jim Gilchrist leading the charge.

Allan Bartlett you have a bright future in OC politics -after hearing that interview, you must save your political reputation and withdraw your endorsement of Gilchrist. Anyone who would stay in the Gilchrist camp after hearing his rambling lies and paranoia can not be taken seriously in the political arena.

Allan Bartlett

Thanks for the plug Phil, but until I have some proof from Campbell that he will stand up to President Bush and the open border crowd in DC, I'm afraid that all I have to go on is his past track record and it ain't pretty as we know. If John ends up making the right votes after a year has gone by then he will win me over. Until then just like the great one Ronald Reagan said "trust but verify". I'm going to verify and then trust.

Powder Blue Report

Irvine GOPer

Powder Blue Man: Please give this note to Jim Gilchrist:
"Dennis Kucinich called and he wants his spaceship back."

Eldad Taylor

The more we learn about Jim Gilchrist and his bizarre hybrid philosophy (part Karl Marx and part George Wallace), the more reasons we find to keep him at arms length.

Please, everyone refrain from inviting him back to the Republican Party. This guy is nuts!


Gotta love these Cambellites like Hewitt and Paule.

They've never had a financial bump in their life's road, of course. Oh, no.

I would guess most of them didn't volunteer for the Marines and to go fight for their country in Vietnam, either, like Jim Gilchrist did.

If they did, maybe they could understand what a medical bankruptcy from wounds sustained in that war are all about.

Enjoy the sewage tank, boys.

I'm sure there's some depth you haven't yet plumbed.


Hey guys!?

What's John Campbell's service record??

Thought I'd ask you folks since a good chunk of you are on his payroll.

Just curious.


Umm...Mr. Campbell is running an exclusively positive campaign and anyhting that reflects bad on Uncle Jimmy is either his own words or his own actions. That sewage tank you alluded to is in Gilchrist's own house, and blaming it on John Campbell, Hugh Hewitt or Phil Paule has no weight nor does it convey any sense of decency on the part of the JimG crowd.

As for Vietnam, when did that become a factor? I mean, the last time a politician used the Vietnam card was...oh wait, it was John Kerry, now I remember! How about that: A former democrat who calls himself a repbulican but runs as an american independent and votes for green/socialist candidates and has supporters who use democrats' tactics...he's gone full-circle now.

Eldad Taylor

What is a Medical bankruptcy? As a Vet, his medical care, if it was related to his service, was at no charge.

It is offensive that Gilchrist would try to blame a Vietnam War injury (suffered over 20 years before his bankruptcy) for his financial problems.

No, this guy is just a crook who ran up his credit card bills, then filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying his bills.


One last comment:

Maybe if the hack Republicans were in any way effective at crushing the Left, (as they have the power to do if they wanted to), the Green Party whackoes would violently protest them, hate them, lie about them, secretly and illegally tape them, stalk them and try and murder their friends, too.

As it is, they don't think they're worth their time. 'Cause they're not. They are NO THREAT to the Left's agenda, and the Left (conciously or unconciously) knows it.

Republicans should be ashamed that these highly paid consultants of Campbell's have no recourse in their campaign of personal destruction except to use the phony materials fed them by John Earl and his Green Party freaks.

They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows.

The Campbell staff proves it's true once again.


Jim Gilchrist took a sniper bullet in his arm and one in his face.

How many have you taken for your country?

To answer your question, it became about Vietnam service when you guys cynically started in on a medical bankruptcy, ignorant of what the circumstances of that bankruptcy even were.

You still don't know, but keep trying to make everyone believe that you do.

Keep going on this. Let's see where it leads you...

For all your words of confidence about how you're 100% sure that Campbell has this election in the bag, you boys are sure smelling desperate.

Who are you all going to go to next for material, La Raza??


'An exclusively positive campaign'? LOL...

Hey, when you're done with politics, you can always get work as a stand up comedian!

Eldad Taylor

If Gilchrit's medical bills were paid by the taxpayers, why did he have to declare bankruptcy?

Irvine GOPer

Do Jim Gilchrist's 20 year old war injuries also explain why he voted for Peter Camejo for Governor?

I think it's time for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to start looking into Jim Gilchrist!


I'll answer you when you tell me about Campbell's record of service in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Show me how John has served someone other than himself.

I can't find any evidence of it on his website.

All I see is a career politician and a social climber.


Jim Gilchrist supported and voted for Tom McClintock.

Everybody here 'fess up:

Were you, like Jim, supporting McClintock, obviously the most conservative and capable and prepared man to be Governor in the entire State?

Or were you, like Hugh Hewitt, shilling for the current very liberal holder of that office?

Truthful answers to that question on this blog would be quite educational to all who are lurking, I'm sure.

Not that I'm expecting those answers to be forthcoming...


BTW...Bartlett, you give up too easy...


Please stop using the "He was just kidding" as your crappy excuse for Uncle Jimmy's shortcomings. Face it, the guy is a fraud and his whole campaign is a quixotic adventure...if you don't know what that means, then look it up. Jim Gilchrist voted for Peter Camejo; he's on record saying that, it is fact. Shouldn't we have to hold politicians accountable for their actions? Even when they are speaking of said actions? If JimG wants to represent CA-48 in congress, he needs to stop BSing the people of the district, or getting his cronies to do so for him.

Also, the fact that you tried to ridicule my assertion that Mr. Campbell is running an exclusively positive campaign (you are not good at making funny insults, so you could not go into stand-up) is ridiculous. Everything that has been said about or regarding Uncle Jimmy is in his own words! JimG is digging his own hole deeper and deeper and I look forward to the day that Steve Young comes in second place behind John Campbell.


This whole thread is a vivid demonstration of the fact that John Campbell is running a slimy campaign through his paid surrogates...many of whom post here regularly.

You've teamed up with the Green Party and La Raza, and they've obviously been teaching you some of their tactics.

In any case, you're using their material.


do tell

Do tell. What exactly where the circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy? lots of bluster but still no real answers.


Have fun rooting for the Democrat, JozefColomy.

Why am I not surprised?


His doctors think that the difficulties he experienced, life-threatening by the way, they incapacitated him for years, had their genesis in his Vietnam wounds or standing behind tanks when they fired or diving into ditches to avoid enemy fire.

If any of you had a similiar experience and yet found a way to pay your bills when you were flat on your back for that length of time, I suppose you might have some room to criticize Mr. Gilchrist. (Though I doubt you would.)

Otherwise, your criticisms are on the same level as John Earl of the Green Party's fables.

Still waiting to hear about Mr. Campbell's wonderful service to the U.S. of A...


Still waiting for a truthful and full disclosure about how many of the posters here supported Schwarzenegger over McClintock.

Not one of them has an inch to criticize anybody about who they supported in any case.

Arnie is as far left on the political spectrum as you can get and still masquerade as a Republican.

Getting the same *crickets* sound I'm getting about Campbell's military service or lack thereof...


Better a true democrat that a former democrat who calls himself a "Reagan Republican" who is running as an AI and votes for Green/Socialist people because he likes their plan to tax rich people more.

And secondly, if you aren't surprised that I'd rather see a democrat come in second place than that political smorgasbord I just mentioned.

John Campbell has said nothing negative about Uncle Jimmy at all during his campaign, and he continues to do so. I'm not going to even answer to the slandrous bile coming out of your e-mouth that suggests that I'm an agent of Mr. Campbell...ridiculous


"John Campbell has said nothing negative about Uncle Jimmy at all during his campaign, and he continues to do so."

Why would he have to? He's paying his consultants quite well, and this blog is proof that they are at least trying to earn their keep.

"I'm not going to even answer to the slandrous bile coming out of your e-mouth that suggests that I'm an agent of Mr. Campbell...ridiculous"

You consider the charge that you're working for Campbell 'slandrous bile'?

That's an interesting viewpoint. Says alot about YOUR opinion of John and his staff.

But I have no idea about your employment status.

Your comments would indicate that you are working for him for free.

Doesn't mean there aren't an abundance of folks here sucking on the Campbell financial teat, though.

Everyone knows that there are.

Irvine GOPer

When the truth comes out about Gilchrist, his war injuries and his bankruptcy, all you JG headquarters workers who are posting today going to look really, really bad.

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