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November 29, 2005


Chuck DeVore

California Taxpayer’s Association just weighed in with their Legislative Scorecard: (http://www.caltax.org/)

State Assembly
R- Lynn Daucher: 100% (11 of 11 votes)
R- Chuck DeVore: 100% (15 of 15 votes)
R- Tom Harman: 100% (8 of 8 votes)
R- Bob Huff: 100% (11 of 11 votes)
R- Todd Spitzer: 100% (10 of 10 votes)
R- Van Tran: 100% (10 of 10 votes)
D- Tom Umberg: 100% (10 of 10 votes)
R- Mimi Walters: 100% (15 of 15 votes)
D- Rudy Bermudez: 36% (4 of 11 votes)

State Senate
R- Dick Ackerman: 100% (10 of 10)
R- John Campbell: 100% (10 of 10)
R- Bob Margett: 100% (9 of 9)
R- Bill Morrow: 100% (10 of 10)
D- Joe Dunn: 30% (3 of 10)

The biggest reason for the differing number of votes is that they compute committee votes. Mimi Walters is Vice Chair of the Revenue and Taxation Committee and I serve with her. Both of us have a few more votes than the rest of the O.C. delegation as we are the only ones from O.C. to serve on this committee.

Congratulations to all the O.C. electeds who understand that increasing taxes is not the solution to our problems in Sacramento.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Allen J. Wilson

Congratulations to Assemblyman Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) for good ratings.

Assemblyman Huff is a true conservative that speaks out for working families, understand business owners needs and wants our children to get a quality education.

Obviously, Bob is no RINO.

Keep up the good work Assemblyman Huff.

Allen J. Wilson

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