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November 17, 2005


Allan Bartlett


Does this mean that you are now part of the blogpen on OC Blog? Congrats. I still liked you better on your own site, but I'm glad you'll be adding your two cents here on OC Blog.

Powder Blue Report

Phil Paule

From the California Campaigns BLOG

""Latest word out of the Gilchrist camp is that campaign manager Howie Morgan and vaguely-defined deputy Jeff Lehman have left the campaign. Rumor has it that newfound OC’er (or is it OC’ite?) Michael Jameson, who was/is helping out Bill Hunt’s fledgling campaign is taking over the reins over at Casa de Gilchrist.””

Normally I don’t offer FREE advice, but in this case I will. Take from it what you paid for it.

Lt. Hunt, If what I read is true you are making a campaign ending mistake. I assume you want to be taken seriously by the voters of Orange County. I don’t see how having your campaign associated with a nut job like Gilchrist is going to help. I hope what I read is not true; I thought you were a smarter guy then that.

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