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November 09, 2005


The real sentiment was "No on everything" as demonstrated by the entire ballot. Not just No on D, and that needs to be considered before one side claims any real victory or defeat.

Yeah, 73% doesn't mean ANYTHING!


I guess the firemen will have to get along on $175K a year.I see a lot of beans and rice in their future.

Yeah, 73% doesn't mean ANYTHING!

I think the point the poster above you is that everything got voted down. D got caught up in the mix and had a lot to do with the outcome. THe firemen did a lot of advertising; are you saying that the ratio would have been even worse if they had done nothing?

Blog Watcher

Other than giving a campaign consultant some BIG checks I would like one of the No on D folks to tell us all what exactly did they win.

Green Machine

Because the voters could see that Measure D was a sham. OCFA is fully funded and didn't need more money. Plain and simple.

The refernce to the "Intent of the voters" was clearly proven wrong...Now you know the intent of the voters.

Blog Watcher

But what did you win?

Green Machine

The increase in funding OCSD will receive over the next few years will enable us to bring staffing levels up and improve services to the citizens we serve and the jails we maintain....so some might say that's what we won...personally, I think it was the voters that won.

Blog Watcher

What I found interesting in the campaigns was the complete opposite approach.

The Yes campaign stressed how Measure D would improve public safety.

The No campaign attacked the institution of the OCFA and firefighters. And then of course there was the bogus fear factor.

I guess if another ballot measure like this comes forward, the firefighters are going to have to sling mud as well as the other side.

You may not like my observation. But that is the way I saw it. And to your credit, it worked.

anon ii

Well like everything else in this good world, you saw it wrong again, BW. Thank the good Lord you're in the minority.

PS, Greenhut's the enemy again!

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