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November 02, 2005


Phil Paule

I wounder if Rep. Tom Trancrado is headlining for Gilchrist the same night ?

Jeff Flint

He was going to, but Gilchrist's check bounced to pay for Tom's travel.

Phil Paule

Just for the record-Jeff Flint and I don't call each other up and discuss what to post about Gilchrist. Natural talents just have a way of finding each other. I can't speak for Jeff but I am going through Bartlett withdraws. I think the Gilchrist BK stuff just drove Allan over the cliff on the subject.

Silence Dogood

I was never as gung ho for Gilchrist as Allan, but I liked him for the issue he brought to the arena and the Peter Camejo joke/screw up/idiocy had me waddling back to the party. The bankruptcy news assured that there would be little to no cognitive dissonance for ditching the Fifteen Minute Man.

Chuck Devore For President


I am please to know that you and your fellow Orange County Legislators are fully supporting John Campbell.

Silence Dogood

I'd like to quell any and all thoughts that I am Chuck DeVore, but I am at a loss for a way to do so short of compromising my anonymity. Really, I'm amazed readers think my writing is comparable to such a remarkably wise man as Assemblyman DeVore.

I am not a legislator. I believe I remember Chuck DeVore endorsing John Campbell at the very beginning (or shortly after the Ackerman pull out). That is where the Assemblyman and I differ. Please take note. And please give up on the suggestions that I am DeVore.

Chuck DeVore for President

Me thinks thou protest too much Silence. However it does not matter if you are the alter ego of our great Assemblyman or not. DeVore is a shining light in the vast sea of OC Legislators and Silence is the moral compass of the OC BLOG- thus it is not surprising that many here have an inner belief that you are one in the same.

Allan Bartlett

Actually, I still support Jim, but since he won't pick up the phone to raise money, he's pretty much dead in the water. You need money to campaign effectively. As for John Campbell, he is obviously going to win this race now. He will be my conngressman. The next year will be his probationary period for me. If he votes the right way on immigration issues and other conservative issues then I will be proud to cast my vote for him next time around. I have no regrets about supporting Jim Gilchrist. As one good Republican friend told me that worked on Campbell's campaign..."Allan I really appreciate the fact that you guys are pushing on Campbell to make him realize the error of his past ways." In the end, that is the only thing that politicians respond to, is heat from their constituents.

Powder Blue Report


Wow, this is big!

What are Dick Cheney's approval ratings now, anyway?

I think I heard yesterday they were at 19%...

Silence Dogood

Chuck DeVore for President-

Thank you. I am floored by the "moral compass" compliment.


Interesting to hear Allen that Jim won't pick up the phone to raise money -- just doing ambiguous radio shows these days. I agree that Campbell is obviously going to win this race now albeit with no real effort or outreach. I also agree that we all should give him a probationary period. One thing to watch is who he hires for his so to be Congressional office. Will he be smart and figure out that this won't be like Sacramento? - he’ll have to hire real professionals who have extensive experience, as opposed to filing his staff with political operatives (hacks) who think by working in a campaign or two is enough experience. Let's al hope he follows our other Orange County Members of Congress and hire professionals that can get Campbell ascending thought the ranks like Cox and the others and make a real difference in Congress.


what is an "ambiguous radio show"?

42 is the answer

Unfortunately, regarding John Campbell, he does not seem to think he needs the grassroots for more than to stuff, label, stamp and walk. Speak to the locals about issues? Not so far. Perhaps he'll see the light. It is my sincere hope he does.


Sorry Confused. You know, ambiguous: uncertain, vague-type radio shows. Or should I say "parochial"?


Is it true that they are going to raffle
off a Scooter at this fundraiser?

Silence Dogood

Yuck yuck.

That joke is so bad, a Democrat must have written it.

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