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November 11, 2005



"my husband, Assemblyman Tom Harman, and I were invited by La Palma Councilman Larry Herman to take part in the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day."???

I didn't know that La Palma had a coast to clean up.


This statement is a bit prolix, and a bit preachy, but I can't see any reason that a clean environment shouldn't be a priority in the Assembly. And it's possible that her potential constituents will agree, especially the ones that live near the ocean.


...but I can't see any reason that a clean environment shouldn't be a priority in the Assembly.

Granted, but Dianne Harman has been running for Assmbely for months, and this is virtually all she ever talks about.

The OC Green Party

How do I get a hold of this Dicharia guy ?
I want to schedule his outstanding candidate to come speak to us on Earth Day next year.

Surf City GOP

Someone needs to tell her "conservative" consultant Duane Dicharia(who is he?) that the open primary system that elected Tom Harman is no longer around to help Tom's wife.


He is a state legislative staffer from San Diego. Did not know he is a consultant.

Mr Spock

"Recently, I went on a walk with my dog. A dog is an animal that is a friend of man, which we are....." The quality of her comments are about at this level.

What kind of third grade writing is Harman either paying for or doing herself? This is one of the most painful, intellect free articles I have ever read. Wow, we should not live in sludge, now that is insight!!!!

If this is the best the area has to offer, it's time to start recruiting seniors from the high schools.

Fiscal Hawk

Duane Dicharia is currently serving as Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Mark Wyland. Tom Harman is a smart guy for hiring Dicharia, who as a long time consultant can bring a lot of conservative credentials to Harman's campaign.

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